Manny Machado Goes OFF On The Red Sox Organization In Epic Post Game Rant

A+ rant there all around. Just top notch from start to finish. The best rants are the rants which are based on a valid point while making that point in the most outrageous manner possible and of course peppering in a few well-placed F-bombs. Machado checked all of those boxes.

He has every right to be furious with the Red Sox. The way they’ve amplified something that should have been solved with a single HBP has been dragged out and turned into a whole situation. Machado has had his head hit and thrown at multiple times by Red Sox pitchers. Head Hunting is no joke. Not even Boston boy Pedroia agrees with the way it was handled. So much so that he and Machado got in a shouting match on the field over it a couple days ago. So I’m all in on this rant, especially because it shits on Boston and I’m always in favor of that.

More importantly, us Yankee fans know his free agency is in the not too distant future, he’s only 24 years old and the Yankees are going to have a hole at third base after this season. The rumors are always swirling and oh yea, it’s the Yankees. Loaded with young talent and hundreds of millions in freed up payroll poised to make a decade-long dynastic run, I’m sure we’re not gonna draw any interest. Now you’re adding in this guy already hates the Red Sox with a fiery passion?! Has zero respect for anyone within the organization. Get this dude some Pinstripes like yesterday! He’s built for the Boogie Down Bronx. We’re here in the Evil Empire kicking back like…

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