Pierce Goes Out In Style In Boston

Overshadowed by the Super Bowl this past Sunday, the Los Angeles Clippers visited the TD Garden for their lone trip this season. The real significance though was this would be long-time and legendary Celtic, Paul Pierce’s last game at the modern day Boston Garden. Pierce previously announced he would be retiring at season’s end. We all expected for the second leading scorer in Celtics franchise history to be loudly applauded by the fans, and rightfully so. Before the game even started Pierce kissed the leprechaun, perhaps there was more luck left in him? One last time. During a timeout in the first half, the fans paid homage with a standing ovation. Pierce was emotional as were the fans, knowing this was the last time they would see him play, “The Truth”, as those very same fans coined him in the early stages of his dominance in Bean town. But the Celtic fans wanted more; for the last two minutes of the game, the Boston faithful was chanting his name. Screaming for now enemy Coach Doc Rivers, to put him in, one last time. For one more dose of their long time messiah.

Finally, with the game out of reach, Rivers answered the fans call and put Pierce back in with 19.8 remaining, one last time. With only five minutes logged in the game total Pierce doesn’t play much for the Clippers, he just doesn’t have it anymore. It’s always sad to see stars fade away and become insignificant role players, but this ending gets sweeter. Pierce inbounds the ball and eventually gets it back before rising up over Isiah Thomas for three, one last time. The rest is history as we hear PAULLLLLL PIERRRRRCCCEE! One last time. Goosebumps. We really shouldn’t have expected anything else, right? He is after all The Truth. Pierce walked off with his hand in the air raising the number one, it was a truly great thing to see, regardless of what fan you are. Reminded me of when Jeter hit the walk off in his last game ever against the Orioles. Moments like these in sports just give you the chills, no matter what fan you are you just have to tip your cap out of respect and appreciate greatness when it walks off the court, one last time.


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