Someone Please Explain How This 7-Foot HS Senior, 2-Sport Athlete Doesn’t Have A Single College Offer


First of all, look at this kids name. “Brave Williams” you fucking kidding me? This kid deserves a full ride based on that alone. Plus he’s part native American, with the name Brave? A marketers dream! This college football recruit a few weeks back went viral for his name Kobe Buffalomeat. Personally, give me the Native American named “Brave” alllllllll day. Kobe is great, then it kinda becomes a joke-y name when you put “Buffalomeat” behind it.

Let’s get down to brass tax though, how the fuck does this kid not have an offer from a single school?!!! He’s 7 feet tall. Did you know if you grow to 7 feet or higher in America you have a 70% chance of playing professional basketball? 70 PERCENT! That’s unreal. This kid can’t even get a low-level D-1 program to give him free food and education. It plain just doesn’t make any sense. He already, if drafted today, would be the biggest player in not only college football but the NFL! You’re really going to sit here and tell me that having the biggest player on the planet won’t be beneficial in any way whatsoever to your program? What am I missing? Does this kid have a murder record? Can he literally not read? (that never stopped Derick Rose).

For basketball as well. Let’s not forget this kid plays 2 sports. What? A 7 footer isn’t useful on the basketball court now either? There have been countless big men who played college ball for the sole reason of their size. This kid is the ultimate definition of “raw potential.” Why has no coach taken a flyer on him, why does no one think they can make something of this kid? If I’m running a program in either of these two sports, I’m at least bringing this kid in for a year. Red-shirting exists for a reason. Brave Williams, you got have a standing offer from Bleacher Fan U if that whole football and basketball thing never plays out.

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