The Bleacher Fan Sports Bloggers Official Bracket Challenge

Well, it’s that time of year again. Everyone’s talking shit about shit they really don’t know shit about, which inevitably causes their bracket to go to shit. So naturally our crew of our bloggers had to participate in the shit talking and what’s the point of playing if you can’t keep score? Did a contest even happen if a winner isn’t declared and smack talk is talked? Kinda like the “does a tree make a sound if no one is around to hear it?” type of thing. The answer to the first one is a resounding no. The second one will be a mystery, I suppose forever? So a contest was created, money was exchanged and we all went in with the highest of hopes that will almost certainly eventually be met with the most disappointing of realities. Partly through Day 1 we’ve got a tight race. Although a few people have the same champion. Will be interesting how this shakes out.

So here are some of Bleacher Fans bloggers brackets. Be sure to follow along throughout the tournament as we will be updating everyone following each round. Here are the current live standings, through almost all of day 1.



Jones: View Bracket

Final Four: Kansas, Duke, Arizona, UCLA

Champ: Kansas over Duke



Big TView Bracket

Final Four: Kansas, UNC, Duke, Arizona

Champ: UNC over Duke



Sully: View Bracket

Final Four: Kansas, Duke, UNC, Arizona

Champ: Duke over Kansas



D-Blocc: View Bracket

Final Four: Duke Gonzaga, Louisville, UCLA

Champ: Gonzaga over UCLA



C: View Bracket

Final Four: Villanova, Gonzaga, Louisville, UNC

Champ: UNC over Gonzaga



Doctor D: View Bracket

Final Four: Duke Gonzaga, UNC, Purdue

Champ: UNC over Duke



Mili: View Bracket

Final Four: Duke, Kansas, UNC, Notre Dame

Champ: UNC over Duke



Yase: View Bracket

Final Four: Villanova, Gonzaga, Kentucky, Kansas

Champ: Villanova over Kentucky

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