Rajon Rondo Says Ray Allen Isn’t Invited On Celtics Reunion

According to Rajon Rondo, the Boston Celtics will be celebrating their ten year anniversary of their 2008 NBA Title on a vacation. Sounds pretty normal, I’m sure the boys want to get after it and relive up the glory days. Only thing is their all time great and teammate, Ray Allen, won’t be invited. Being that this isn’t an official dinner or celebration sponsored by the Celtics or the NBA, it’s hard to have a problem with it. But somehow I still do. Maybe it’s because it’s coming from the biggest cancer of a player in Rajon Rondo. Or maybe, that they left one of the best shooters and members of “the Big 3” out. Maybe I just think NBA players are quick to judge and are hypocrites. Rondo and Pierce sure seem to be hopping from team to team like it’s no big deal.

But ah, yes, let’s start with Rajon Rondo. You’re normally not supposed to shoot the messenger, but I’m firing. Why? Because out of all fucking people, Rajon Rondo has ZERO business talking about other players being classless. What would that team be without Allen? They wouldn’t have won the title I’m damn certain, and oh yeah Rondo only has one. So maybe a thank you would suffice. Remember Allen left on his own power, was a free agent, they traded your ass out of Boston and have become exponentially better since. And since then you’ve managed to piss off Mark Cuban and fuck things up with the Mavericks, make the Kings even more dysfunctional, and let’s not forget the Bulls this year. When your Instagram basically said it’s not the young guys fault for losing and “your guys” (Pierce and Garnett) never would have done that. Well, who’s fault is it Butler and Wade’s?? For not putting up with this losing and putting up with your shit. Should they have gone as public probably not, but being a Heat fan I know Wade is a class act. They were emotional and upset, but you know what? At least they CARE. Rondo is a supremely talented passer, but that’s it, he’s biting off more than he can chew here. Maybe he should be more worried about helping the Bulls win games or helping rebuild the city of Chicago. Breathe Sully, breathe.

But still, they do have the right to not invite him. I get they’re upset he left for the “enemy” as Pierce says. Being they lost to Lebron’s Heat the year before it’s similar to Durant leaving for Golden State mantra. If ya can’t beat’em join ’em. Being a Heat fan I was okay with it, but I get the frustration from Boston. Pierce even said that he tried calling him and that he never picked up or told them what was going on. Also frustrating, similar to Durant-Westbrook again, but it can’t be easy telling your soon to be ex-you’re leaving for a hotter chick. Let’s take Nick from the bachelor, he picked Vanessa and he had to, Raven was great, but nowhere in Vanessa’s league looks wise. You know it, you know it, we all know it. She took it gracefully and you know why? Cuz she knew there was a hotter ticket in town. Why can’t NBA players realize this, when there’s a hotter ticket and better opportunity most leave.

They leave, ya know like how KG left the wolves? KG gave it his everything did all he could for wolves, but he left for the Celtics. I don’t blame him, once again the hotter ticket by far, uniting with the Big 3. Pierce did this too after things with the Nets started to crumble he went to teams with a better chance to win a title. The Wizards and the Clippers specifically, once again can’t blame him. Why? Because I respect people who have given the game there all and want the best chance to win. Isn’t that what this is all about? It’s a profession but you want to be the best at your profession of course. Don’t just play for the paycheck, “YOU PLAY TO WIN THE GAME!” Herm Edwards gets it! Why can’t the rest of the league?


The “Big 3” was built on the premise of leaving their current situation for a better one. These guys should be able to get what Allen did from personal experience. However, if there’s a silver lining to anything Rondo said it may have been this “We were at war with those guys. To go with the enemy that’s unheard of in sports well, it’s not so unheard of. It’s damn near common now.” There is a lot of validity to this as much as it pains me to say it. This really didn’t happen in “old school” days and it’s common as you see with Durant to Warriors, Youkilis to Sox, Favre to Vikings, you could go on and on. So that part he may be right about, although coming from it just doesn’t mean as much. Rondo is a cancer, Allen will be left out even though he probably doesn’t care as he won in Miami too. Allen 2 Rondo 1.

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