The Warriors Are Hitting Stride At The Perfect Time

For all of you who were hopeful the Warriors were in trouble, think again. Dub nation has won five in a row and four straight 15-point wins all without Kevin Durant. They absolutely embarrassed Russell Westbrook and the Thunder in their house Monday night They’re now with a comfortable 2.5 games up on the Spurs and have KD coming back in about a week. They’re clicking on all cylinders passing the ball masterfully, defending at a championship level, and oh yeah the splash brothers are on fire. They also beat the Mavs on the road tonight by 25, just another day at the office.

But let’s talk more about the game last night, it’s just funny to me. Wasn’t it just last week when Russell Westbrook said “who he” in regards to Curry saying James Harden should be the MVP, not Russ. “Who he” he’s just the guy that beats your ass every time in the playoffs and comes back from 3-1 embarrassing you in the process. But what was really lit was the scuffle they got into last night! I mean this was great to see it had more action then fucking Mayweather verse Pacquaio! If ya missed it here it is.

I fucking love it! The young point guard Semaj Christon not backing down from Curry and vice versa with Curry. We don’t normally think of Curry as physical so it’s great to see the fire. Then we have Russ verse Steph! Oh my, and Green comes running in! Kevin McHale loves it too “Basketball should be hostile.” I couldn’t agree more this only fuels the fire more to the rivalry. But it’s really not even a rivalry when one team is always winning it. Sorry OKC, even no KD you guys are still a joke. Russ was 4-16 from the field with just 15 points, 8 boards, 7 assists and five turnovers last night. Oh, yea they also got swept in the season series 3-0 to the Warriors. So Russ, keep getting those triple doubles kid you’re killing it.

The story behind this though is how the Warriors have come together with the trifecta of Curry, Thompson, and Green without KD. A few games ago against Philly, Green put up one of the most impressive stat lines I’ve ever seen to overcome the 16-point second half deficit. 20 points, 9 rebounds, 8 assists, 6 blocks, 4 steals. Green affects the game in so many different ways, it’s incredible. Klay And Curry have been stroking it, against The Thunder, they combined 14-27 from 3 and put in 57 total points. Remember when people thought they lost their touch? Yeah, that was a funny joke. That’s like saying Rosie O’Donell no longer eats junk food. Yeah, she might not for a day or two but after a few days, she’ll cave. So do the splash brothers get back to their normalcies of making buckets, straight cash homie.

Once the Warriors get Durant back they will be a force to be reckoned with, if they weren’t already. They’re gunna be scary. What doesn’t kill you makes you stronger, right? They have their swagger back are getting their best player back and have that chip on their shoulder from being down 3-1 verse the Cavs. The Warriors are coming for blood, watch out.


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