#LaVarBallSays Was The New Hashtag to Sweep The Internet Yesterday And Boy Are There Some Good Ones

I’m not sure if there’s been a bigger “shooters gonna shoot” guy out there the last few months than LaVar Ball. The guy has been out there chucking up Half Court shot comments like Meadowlark Lemon. He’s the ultimate basketball dad. At first, I didn’t know who LaVar was, then I really hated Lavar. Now I gotta say, in a shocking turn of events, I respect the hell out him. I’ve been the biggest spokesmen against these type of outlandish sports dads. They’re all the same, living vicariously through their kid’s lives, misguiding them and hurting their development every step of the way. Usually not the most well spoken or well-intentioned men. Until LaVar. Until the Ball family.

LaVar is doing it right. You know how I know? Because he’s doing it differently.  He’s being smart about it. It clearly hasn’t affected any of his sons on court performances. Unless going number one overall in the NBA draft and scoring 92 points in a high school game isn’t good, hmm not sure, is that good? He’s built an actual brand. (Big Baller Brand) play on the three boys in the Ball family. He’s marketing his sons in a world where they’re not supposed to be marketed.

People claim he’s exploiting his sons, but LaVar couldn’t have nailed the answer better when posed with this question, “What the hell do you think UCLA is doing? I’m protecting you from the exposure. It’s exploitation when the family does it, but what are you guys doing then?” You honestly going to try and say anything in that quote is incorrect? No, cause it’s not. Nevertheless regardless of your opinion on Lavar or any of his three prodigal sons. He’s not planning on shutting up.

The recent highlights of LaVar Ball sound bites include saying Lonzo Ball would make the Warriors better than they are now with Steph Curry. That he’s seeking a $1 Billion contract for his three sons in a combined shoe deal and that he could in his prime beat both Michael Jordan and Charles Barley in 1 on 1. Well, the internet went WILD after that last one, rightfully so. They quickly discovered LaVar Ball averaged 2.2 points per game in college when he played. Something tells me that didn’t quite measure up with Chuck and Mike’s collegiate careers, but hey, maybe he was a glue guy. A guy that did the little stuff, affected the game in other ways that don’t show up on the stats sheet. Orrrr maybe he was just trash.

Anyways all this hoopla sparked a legit Hashtag (#LavarBallSays) that set Twitter ablaze for a while last night. Boy, were there some great ones. Here’s a compilation of the top tier ones.


SKULL EMOJI’S TIMES A MILLION! You know what they say, no press is bad press. In today’s world, being an internet meme or having your own #hashtag is pretty much you’ve made it territory. LaVar Ball is now firmly planted in that territory and it had me rolling on the floor laughing. Let’s hope your boys play can continue to back up your mouth, mainly because LaVar is a content machine and content is good in our business, but LaVar ball content, That’s once in a lifetime.


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