Tom Brady Will Be On The Cover Of Madden 18, The Curse Gets It’s Ultimate Test

I have never ben more on board with the Madden Curse. This is definitely its biggest test yet. Don’t think for a second it’s not real though, it’s literally undefeated. We thought Calvin Johnson beat it, then he was forced to retire at age 30.

This guy Tom Brady though, this pompous fuck is flirting with death right here. You don’t just go around calling out and pissing off the Madden Gods. They will strike you down like 2008 Week 1 30 seconds in. Shit, you might even get accidentally injured on the sidelines during kickoff. I know you think you’re the GOAT and all Tom, but christ, relax before you get yourself killed.

Walking under ladders and breaking mirrors, this guy is just asking for it. Are we supposed to be surprised if everything terrible happens to Brady this year? Like what the fuck did you think was gonna happen, idiot? Just like with Goodell and Deflategate, no matter how good you are, when you poke the bear, the bear doesn’t poke back, he rips your fucking body to pieces. That is what the Madden Curse is going to do. Plus the Madden curse is now definitely gonna team up with the mirror and ladder curses and form a curse that’s more of kryptonite to Tom Brady than Eli Manning and that Giants defensive line.



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