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University Of South Carolina Tailgate’s Probably Not The Best Spot To Bone, This Couple Disagrees

Looks like the people down in South Carolina are really taking the name “Gamecocks” to a literal level now. Honestly still have no idea what exactly a “Gamecock” is. They claim it’s some type of bird, but honestly, this picture is definitely way more of a “Gamecock” than some random bird.

The real question is why are the people just out in the open? I respect that sometimes the mood is right and your lust overwhelms you, but that usually only holds true when there aren’t any better options. These people are within feet of possibly hundreds of cars, a fence, and some very full shrubbery. I’m going to give them the benefit of the doubt and say they didn’t have access to any of those buildings behind them. But you really couldn’t sneak between two old pickups and do the deed? South Carolina will forever amaze me.

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