Wizards Gun For Cavs & Celtics, Trade for Bogdonovic

The Washington Wizards mean business. They’re coming for both the Cleveland Cavaliers and the Boston Celtics and I love it. The Wizards are one of the few teams that actually have a chance at dethroning King James and Cleveland. Might as well go for it, right? Although, not a big name the Wizards have traded for third year player Bojan Bogdanovic with the Brooklyn Nets. The traded also gives the Wizards Chris McCullough and they send Marcus Thorton, Andrew Nicholson, and a 2017 lottery protected first round pick to Brooklyn.

This trade has win-win written all over it or me. Now I know what you’re thinking- how did the Wizards win in this? Don’t be fooled just because Bojan is on the Nets, he’s actually good and just what Washington ordered. Putting up a career high at 14.2ppg and shooting 44 % from the field as well as 36% from deep. Bojan is having a nice year low-key, he’s just on the Nets so we don’t notice him. Also, let’s remember he won’t be starting for them but coming off the bench. To many people’s surprise, the Wizards starters score more than anyone, aside from the Warriors. At a prolific 84.7ppg, the starters are carrying a heavy load which could fatigue them. Bojan will help a Wizards bench who is second to last in scoring at 23.4ppg, not good. It’s so bad John Wall nearly scores as much as the whole bench. Bojan is a major upgrade on the bench for them and a guy who can come in and drain shots. He can space the floor even further for guys like Wall and Beal as well when he’s out there with them. Washington has the best record in the East Conference this year and will push Celtics for the two seed. This helps me solidify my prediction of a Cavs-Wizards Eastern Conference Finals.

Now let’s get to the lowly Brooklyn Nets. Bogdanovic is a free agent after this season so why wouldn’t he want to leave Brooklyn? He’d run out of their faster than Rosie O’Donnel after the Mr. Softy truck. So why not trade him? Bojan might be the only player Brooklyn has with decent value so a first is great. Granted it should be a pick in the 22-26 based on Washington’s record, but a first rounder is a first rounder. Last time I checked the Nets don’t have any of those. The Boston Celtics really snailed them on the KG and Pierce trade and they’re still biting the bullet. First rounder for Bojan is a huge dub for the Brooklyn Nets, haven’t said that in a while, actually ever. Regardless a step in the right direction for Brooklyn as they try to rebuild.

Always good to see a trade where both teams get what they want. Brooklyn gets a first rounder to start rebuilding and Washington significantly upgrades their bench. I think the Wizards are now serious contenders and the best chance to beat Cleveland. The two did have the game of the year not too long ago, really hope this comes to fruition.

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