Skip Bayless Wastes No Time Providing Everyone His HOT Take Following Gordon Hayward Injury


There he is! Took him all of 5 minutes to tweet this gem out. Skip has been a notorious Lebron hater, while I’ll say I can’t disagree with him there, this was not that path or time to be forcing your agenda on the world. It’s the same thing as when after a mass shooting every political asshole immediately starts tweeting about the gun problem that does or doesn’t exist in this country. It’s simple, something terrible happened. Take a second to put your dumb shit aside, shut the fuck up and acknowledge the tragedy.

Obviously a much more extreme example, but the points being made. Skip has always been relevant purely because of his ridiculous statements. It all started back on Cold Pizza, the greatest show ESPN ever had. Most don’t realize that’s where Skip made his debut to the world. His real coming out party. He was no different back then. A couple of his predictions include (yes these are real live things he said on the show.) Gerald Green would be the next Tracy McGrady. Jay Cutler would be the next Brett Favre and Adam Morrison would be the next Larry Bird. ADAM FUCKING MORRISON. Can we just admire at how horrendous those three takes are? Like I totally get these guys say shit all day and have to be wrong eventually, but to be THAT wrong, multiple times? It’s simply unacceptable. A miscalculation that poor in almost any other job (not MLB umpires) gets you canned.

Ever since moving to FS1 Skip has only enhanced his frequency of ridiculousness.  It must be what they’re being told. Colin Cowherd does it more now, which is disappointing. Likewise with Jason Whitlock and Nick Young.  At the end of the day, is Skip right in the contents of his tweet? Of course he is. No shit Sherlock. That’s exactly what makes this tweet so much worse. Everyone knows that, but none of us need to hear it. DeMar DeRozen said what we were all thinking. I’m sure you’ll be able to find Skip somewhere within that thread defending himself through his alternate accounts. He’s the king of getting caught doing that.

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