“Big 3” League List Of Former NBA Stars Keeps Growing

If you haven’t heard by now, there’s a whole new league coming to the sports world, and it’s filled with former NBA players that are now retired. Today, J.R. Rider, Earl Boykins and more were added to the list of names associated with the league and last week it was announced that Kenyon Martin and Al Harrington would be co-captains for a team in the Big 3 as well.

The league is not without star power as well, with Allen Iverson being a player/coach, Chauncey Billups, Gary Payton and Kenyon Martin being involved as well. Some people may have expected this to be a more relaxed league, but as you can see, there’s even going to be coaches for each team. Gary Payton, George Gervin, Rick Barry, Rick Mahorn and Clyde Drexler are all confirmed as coaches. 

Ice Cube, of all people, has been credited with coming up with the whole idea of the BIG3 league. “As a fan, I’m excited to see the guys I know can still strap it up and play at a high, competitive level,” Ice Cube said, via ESPN. He’s not alone, whether a player is retired or not, they’ll still always have fans that will tune in to see them play.

The games are going to consist of, as the name states 3-on-3 basketball, and it’ll be halfcourt the whole time. In April of 2017, BIG3 is going to be holding a combine for all players that are in the draft pool, a draft will follow with each team, eight in total, selecting five players to complete their roster. It’ll be exciting to see what other former players will become a part of BIG3. Fansided 

Let the names keep on rolling in. I for one am pumped about this league. I feel like there’s a real space for this in today’s market. Especially with Youtube now, highlights to past generations are available to everyone. Although most of these guys have only been retired a few years, most of us were alive to see them play in person. Every real fan knows the pain of watching their teams favorite star player inevitably become the victim of father time. There comes a time when they simply cannot compete at the NBA level anymore. Unfortunately for most, their body fails them before their fire to play the game burns out. In some cases though, it’s not as severe. Sometimes the guy’s just lost a step or two. Has a little less arc on that jump shot. Doesn’t crash the boards with quite the same level of intensity he did back in ’08. These are the guys playing in the Big 3 League.

Who doesn’t wanna see Allen Iverson’s crossover again? Mr. Big Shot Billups knocking down 3’s.? J.R. Rider doing whatever J.R. Rider wants? Yeah, sign me up for all of that. I’ll take a side of Kenyon Martin dunking on someone as well. I’m a big fan of the 3 on 3 half court format of this as well. Although we lose the fast break opportunities, we know deep down these guys can’t play full court 5-5 effectively anymore. It’s one of those “don’t ask the questions you don’t want the answer to” situation. Older players like Clyde Drexler, Gary Payton and Rick Barry will all be coaches, with more yet to be announced. Allen Iverson, because Allen Iverson, is going to be a player/coach. Iverson is probably the most high profile NBA player in the league, but this all seems like a perfect set up, to my one and only, question concerning the future of this league.

How long until 53-year-old Michael Jeffrey Jordan decides to lace em up and show all these 40-year-old young bucks how it’s done. This league is practically taunting Jordan. It’s essentially the most talented pickup league in the world. All with huge former NBA names. You’re telling me MJ isn’t gonna have a little urge to dust off the sneaks and get a little of the orange Gatorade sweat going like those commercials back in the day? It’s the perfect trap. We’ve all heard the stories of Michael coming into Hornets practices and playing and shooting around with the team occasionally. I think even in the NBA today, you give Jordan a couple months to get a little in shape, he could average 8-9 points a game. In the Big 3 league though? Jordan could be Jordan. He’s back. The GOAT could be back! Let us all pray.

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