Derek Jeter Has Found A New Partner To Help Him Buy The Marlins

The Marlins will have a new owner in the “relatively near future,” according to commissioner Rob Manfred, who confirmed Tuesday that three bidding groups are vying for the franchise, with one reportedly headed by the superstar combo of Derek Jeter and potential new teammate Michael Jordan. Manfred refused to go into detail about the three suitors, other than to say each seemed to be on equal footing financially and it would be up to the Marlins’ current owner, Jeffrey Loria, to choose between them. Earlier in this process, Jeter reportedly had difficulty raising enough cash to meet Loria’s $1.3-billion asking price, and then lost his initial partner when former Florida governor Jeb Bush bowed out.

But Jeter has staged a comeback in recent days, and according to the New York Post, added Jordan to his group of investors, a team backed by Naples, Florida-based money manager Bruce Sherman. Jeter already has reportedly met with Manfred on at least one occasion about purchasing the Marlins, and the fact that he’s stayed alive in the bidding — despite the apparent struggle to come up with the money — suggests the former Yankees captain is likely the preferred choice to gain control of the Miami franchise. H/T Newsday



Jeets being Jeets. Power moves only by El Capitan. Former Presidential candidate and a member of a great all-American family not good enough? Ok, hold my beer – Jeter.

Ok, hold my beer – Jeter.

Just when you think you have the perfect power combo with Bush, Derek Jeter flips it on its head and replaces him with probably the most well known, successful and recognizable athlete ever. Probably the wealthiest too, in Michael Jordan. Jeter is under the Jordan brand umbrella so their relationship makes sense. Jeter in his retirement is all about giving power and a voice to the players, odd that he’s so focused on becoming an owner. Or is the move to get arguably the two most well-known living athletes in their respective sports teamed up together to give the players the ultimate power?

Jeter and Jordan teaming up has limitless possibilities. Both with 9 figure bank accounts and Rolodex’s to match. Jordan already owns the Charlotte Hornets so he takes care of the business side of the franchise that Bush previously occupied, minus all those government connections. Then again, Jordan is definitely in some way affiliated with the Illuminati, all these guys are, so should be covered there too.

Jeter and Jordan could be the Mark Cuban’s of baseball. Become the premier place to play in baseball. With the Jordan Jet and the Jeter girls, a lot of things can get accomplished.

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