DeMar DeRozen Is Not Pleased With The Drew League Ref’s, Reacts Accordingly

You would imagine that NBA players who appear in independent summer leagues and pro-ams wouldn’t be too intense about them. After all, these guys are really just passing time until the fall when they can return to getting paid millions of dollars to play in front of tens of thousands of people. But at least one NBA star seems to take the Drew League—the famous pro-am in Los Angeles—very, very seriously.

In the closing seconds of a game, this weekend, Toronto Raptors guard DeMar DeRozan took an inbounds pass and chucked it at the head of a referee, then yelled, “you suck” at the official. He attempted to confront the ref as Nick Young corralled him out of the gym. This video shows not only the incident but also the minutes that led up to it. DeRozan seems to have been furious he didn’t get an and-one call on a driving lay-up seconds earlier. H/T The Comeback




The actual toss:


Gotta say pretty punk move from DeMar DeRozen in my opinion here. I know the Drew League is probably the most respected organized pickup league in the country, but god damn man. It’s respected for a reason. It’s a place where top talent can push aside all the bullshit that comes along with an NBA game and just straight ball. Leave the pre-madonna shit at the door and come with your best stuff. This is basketball on the streets, there just happens to be hardwood and a scoreboard. The Drew League is the indoor California version of Rucker Park. It’s an honor to even step on the court, so don’t bring that weak minded junk on to it.

I guess DeMar is frustrated he’s stuck in Toronto on a team who’s ceiling is an eastern conference 3 seed. Even that’s generous. Come to the Drew League, ball hard and have some fun. Don’t ruin the prestige with childish emotions. Show it on the court. Don’t blame the refs. The Zebras at the Drew League ain’t making those 6 figure salaries. They don’t need your millionaire bullshit. DeMar’s lucky that ref didn’t knock his two front teeth down his throat. He could have gone fully Terry Tate on him and no one would have blamed him in the least. Not when you got NBA’ers coming into your gym and Jenny Finching basketballs at you.

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