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Bleacher Bookie Best Bets: Championship Week Edition

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Georgia Bulldogs Vs. Auburn Tigers (-1)

The Auburn Tigers put a smackdown on Georgia last game, but things are a lot different this time around. Auburn could very well be without their best player and star running back Kerryon Johnson. His strength and versatility allow Auburn to set the tone and control the pace and the line of scrimmage. Probably the main driving force behind their previous blowout win against Georgia. They simply won’t have that luxury with their backup running back as he stands just 5 foot 9 180 pounds. This game might be listed as a neutral site, but it is not a neutral site. This game will be played in Atlanta, it’s every bit a home game for the Bulldogs.

Then you have to just think about how hard it is to beat the same team twice in a year, let alone a very talented one-loss Georgia team. A Georgia team you could argue has more talent than Auburn top to bottom. I’ll take the points and the Bulldogs in a revenge virtual home game with a playoff spot on the line. If Johnson ends up not playing at all, it will be close to impossible for Auburn to win this football game. Regardless he won’t be 100% and that’s a major issue for the Tigers. Let it also not be forgotten a Georgia win probably gets Alabama into the playoff and we all know how much the NCAA *cough* wants *cough* to see that happen.

Pick: Dawgs +1



Miami Hurricanes Vs. Clemson Tigers (-9)

While this matchup is sexy on paper it might not be as competitive as you’d hope. The winner of this game will make the college football playoff and the other will not, simple as that. Neither has the resume to withstand another loss. What a fall that would be for Clemson to go from #1 in the country to not even in the playoff in one week. That being said, I expect Clemson to come out strong and pull away in this one by the third quarter. Miami’s sputtering offense will be missing it’s top two receivers. If Miami cant get it’s running game going against a string Clemson D-line there’s no hope for them. Kelly Bryant and Clemson I expect to come out poised and aggressive as the more experienced team overall. Miami’s run was fantastic this year, but unless they can muster up 3 or more turnover chain appearances, this game won’t be close. Lay the points in this show-up or go home game for a team that Dabo Sweeney always seems to get to show up.

Pick: Clemson -9



North Texas Vs. FAU (-11.5) 

This one is pretty simple, Lane Kiffin. He’s got this team playing out of their minds, in the midst of a 9 game winning streak. Going for the old 10 spot this weekend. Even when fully healthy this FAU team is much better than North Texas, but North Texas will be missing its star running back Jeffrey Wilson, along with his over 1,200 yards and 16 touchdowns. But like I said, this is all about Lane Kiffin. He’s an offensive genius and will run a clinic on the North Texas defense. He’s the cockiest, most motivated coach in all of college football right now and rightfully so. Expect him to keep showing off his worth to every big program in the nation that will need a new head coach come this time next year.

Pick: FAU -11.5



TCU Vs. Oklahoma (-7)

If there’s any player in college football that can will his team to a win it’s Baker Mayfield. His big game performances this year have reminded me a lot of Deshaun Watson last season. The Heisman front-runner has been on a warpath and doesn’t seem like he’s ready to end his college career quite yet. I know the first game was close, but I don’t think that was TCU showing they’re as good as OU, rather than just a down game for Oklahoma. Expect the Sooners to bring major pressure on Kenny “Trill” and force the TCU offense into mistakes. The more chances Baker Mayfield is given the better chance he’ll have to bury a team by himself. TCU will have to look to avoid any major early knockout punches, regardless give me Baker Mayfield and his chance at a championship to pair with his probable Heisman trophy. Lay the points in a career-defining game.

Pick: Oklahoma -7


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