A Day After Being Benched, Eli Manning Came to Work Early and Did Ben McAdoo’s Job Better Than Him

This is Eli Manning, every day of his career. Every day of his life. Killing McAdoo with kindness. Taking the ultimate high road. Proving everyone right, that he is a standup person and Ben McAdoo and Jerry Reese are spineless cowards. Spineless cowards who are basically dead men walking. If they were teetering on the edge before, this whole fiasco will be sending them flying off the plank into the sharky waters. And good riddance. They both deserve everything that’s coming to them.

While the garbage cast away from the little brother Jets is set to start at QB for the Giants this weekend, Eli is in the facility early, doing not only his job but apparently Ben McAdoo’s job too. He’s there early to coach up the kid McAdoo and his bum ass team of coaches should have been prepping all year. If seeing what Webb’s got before they decide to draft Rosen or Darnold was the goal of this season then McAdoo should have had him prepared to come in months before this.

At this point, the Giants can’t do much to salvage or make up for what they did to Eli, but firing McAdoo and instantly promoting Eli to Head Coach might just be the move to save face. Everybody wins. You undermine Jerry Reese, let him sweat that one out for a couple months until he promptly fired. McAdoo gets instantly fired. Eli becomes the hero and everyone gets to cheer for him the last 5 games. And lastly, they probably go 0-5 and guarantee a top 3 pick.

Eli Manning deserves better than this. He deserves the best because that’s what he is. He’s the best QB in franchise history. A two time Super Bowl MVP. An Ironman who started the second most consecutive games in NFL history, plus being top 10 ALL TIME in touchdowns and passing yards. But most importantly, a Hall of Famer.

Max Kellerman could not have said it better. Described Eli’s career in every way it should be described. It’s funny that playoff success, intangibles and being the most clutch QB of all time (proven statistical fact) matters for every other athlete aside from Eli Manning. Give me all of that and his doofy has face any Sunday.

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