The Celtics Surpass The Cavs As #1 In The East And Will Stay There

After a disheartening 29 point loss to the Spurs, the Cavs have shaken up the Eastern Conference. For the first time all season, The Cleveland Cavaliers are no longer in first place in the Eastern Conference. Crazy, right? Since game 1 they haven’t given up the one seed with this rollercoaster season. I think this definitely has some significance but let’s not make this more then it has to be. The significance of it is that the Celtics are going to be the one seed going into the playoffs. This may sound like an overreaction, but it’s not.

What it all comes down to is their remaining schedules honestly. I’m not saying the Cavs are trash or that they won’t be in the Finals because I still believe they will. But the remaining schedule for the Celtics is a cakewalk. With a 0.5 game lead over Cleveland, they play the Bucks twice, Magic, Cavs, and Nets at home. While on the road to the Knicks, Hawks, and Hornets. Ok, I don’t know about you but I don’t really see them losing more than two games out of this. They’ll probably split between Atlanta and Cleveland and then lose one game they probably shouldn’t finishing 6-2.

Compared to the Cavs who go are home to the 76ers, Pacers, Magic, Hawks, and Heat. They have away games against the Bulls, Celtics, Hawks, and Heat. That means in order to tie they would have to go 7-2 down the stretch aginst this schedule and I just don’t see it. They could lose to the Pacers, Hawks, Celtics, and Heat (who they haven’t beat yet this year). Also if they lose to the Celtics their chances are basically over as they’ll lose the tiebreaker. The Cavs aren’t playing great but at the same time, this could even motivate them and be used as a catalyst like we saw with Golden State. But let’s say the do give up the two seed and the Celtics are the one.

I bet anything Tyronn Lue would be under fire by the media for “resting players”. Easy fucking money on that. But aside from that, I don’t think it will play a big role in the postseason. The Cavs will still have homecourt advantage against everyone else. The Wizards are 2.0 games behind Cleveland but they won’t catch them, and the Raptors are 0.5 games behind them. The Cavs are hoping the Raptors are the three and the Wizards the four. The Cavs would smoke the Raptors like usual especially with Lowry’s health murky. The Wizards are 1-2 against the Celtics but are more than capable in knocking them off. One of the best starting 5’s plus Bojan Bogdanovic from the bench. Plus imagine Isiah Thomas, worst defender in the NBA statistically, trying to guard John Wall. Yeah good fucking one. Thomas may put up 30 on Wall, but if he gives up 35 and 15 assists, well game over. Let’s even say they beat the Wizards, which they can also.

Then we have Cleveland verse Boston with possible game 7 in TD Garden. You know why the Cavs will be fine, they have LeBron James and Kyrie Irving. Having won two games on the road in Golden State last year, they’re accustomed to winning big games on the road. Also yeah that guy James he just shits on the Celtics in TD Garden. Let’s not forget his 45 and 15 performance with Miami in Game 6 of a potential elimination game. Sorry Boston that one probably still stings. I think Cleveland would win in 6 games, but ya never know could go 7. Cavs wouldn’t lose that series, though, I’ll tell you that.

So this is something of significance but let’s not write off Cleveland. They’re playing like shit yes, which is a little concerning this late in the year. But I still trust them, LeBron has been to seven straight Finals. SEVEN. I don’ care if you hate the guy but that’s crazy. He finds a way to get there. It’s nice to see this shake up in the East though, it’s certainly makes things more intresting.

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