Chris Carter Hit A Home Run On Accident

How did that just happen? That looked like a video game cheat code. The one where it’s basically a home run every time you make contact. We all had that cheat code programmed in at one point or another. If you didn’t, then my friend, you had a worse childhood than you probably should have. Carter barely let the bat drop off his shoulder then all of a sudden the damn thing is 10 rows deep? People do forget Carter was the NL HR leader last season with 41 bombs, but he doesn’t necessarily look the part of a guy could do this. None of this seems physically possible. His bat speed was like 20mph. Wheres the Sports Science guy when you need him? He’s always there to tell us how high the 28th pick of the NFL draft can jump, but he’s gone when we actually need him. When the 9th wonder of the world needs to be explained, guy disappears like fucking Carmen San Diego.

Chris Carter just got one thing left to say to everyone…Look at da flick of da wrist!


P.S. Why did we never know where in the world Carmen San Diego was? The bitch’s name is Carmen SAN DIEGO!

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