Deontay Wilder is the Best Heavyweight in Boxing and You Should Know it by Now

This isn’t a claim or an opinion. It’s a PSA that Deontay Wilder is currently the best heavyweight in boxing. He’s American, only 32-years-old and already has 39 wins with 38 knockouts. Enough of this Anthony Joshua talk, boxing made a mistake gambling on this guy and they’re about to look idiotic. Under Armour should’ve sponsored Deontay Wilder instead of their current cash cow in Joshua. Wilder is the heavyweight fighter boxing needs and he didn’t start as early as most boxers. He came into the game late and has been dominating ever since.

Deontay has called out every heavyweight in the division unlike Anthony Joshua. He’s called out Tyson Fury, Povetkin, Parker, and Ortiz. I mean everyone. He doesn’t wait for it to become a big fight and get more money, he wants the best fighters and he wants them NOW.

They’ll say he isn’t fighting them at their prime but that is not his fault, it’s not his fault Joshua doesn’t want to fight him in his prime after Wilder has constantly called him out.

He recently made a claim that he would beat both Tyson and Ali in their prime and that he will surpass mayweathers record of 50-0. You may hate or disagree with him for saying things like that but if you were in his shoes you want that confidence for it strikes fear in his opponents. And it seems Anthony Joshua is in fact scared.

This man is oozing confidence and whether you agree with him or not he is currently a force to reckon with. He will soon face undefeated monster Luis “the real King Kong” Ortiz who also has an undefeated record but has been known to have a past with PEDs but that’s not the first time a Wilder opponent has been caught using PEDs. That only says something about how opponents feel about going toe to toe with Wilder.

Wilder may be the B side when it comes to boxers but in the fans eyes he’s the A side. If they ever meet, Wilder would embarrass Joshua and trust me he knows it.

Tune in March 3rd to watch Deontay continue his reign and also on March 31st to watch Anthony Joshua who we expect to be confronted by Wilder again after his fight with Parker.


P.S. Here are all of Deontay Wilder’s thunderous knockouts, you’re welcome.

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