The Danny Garcia Show?

Last weekend may have been the Danny Garcia show but he still needs to fight someone of top opposition. After his fight where he knocked out Brandon Rios in the 9th round, he was approached by Shawn Porter who is next in line to fight Keith Thurman, the only person who has beaten Danny Garcia. The rematch is definitely enticing but in order to get Keith, he should just challenger Shawn Porter for the right to fight Thurman. Thurman currently owns two of the welterweight division belts. Shawn Porter, a former football player is a brawler and would give Danny Garcia trouble in the ring. Danny Garcia still has to fight other top welterweight boxers instead of cherry picking lesser opposition just to make himself look good like he did against Brandon Rios.

We all know all of them will be avoiding the real threat, Errol Spence Jr. who is still trying to fight any top welterweight but it’s too much of a risk for any of them so he will have to wait, but eventually it is it is inevitable, to be the top dog in this division they will have to beat Errol Spence Jr and even though relatively newcomer to the division Terrence Crawford has yet to fight in his first welterweight fight, it is exciting the direction that this division is headed. Stay tuned

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