Donovan Mitchell Plays Wingman to Help Jazz Fan Get His Dream Date

You might as well call him Donovan “Hitchell” because the Jazz rookie is stepping in as the wingman of the century. Asking your crush out can be tough enough in High School, but if you have the personal backing of an NBA player armed with two tickets and a story like this, it all of a sudden becomes the easiest thing in the world.

They say confidence is key with women. If you don’t have confidence after a slam dunk setup like this from a budding NBA star then I hate to break it to you, but it’s going to be a rough life. Good on Donovan Mitchell though. He probably get’s DM’s all day from ladies trying to get free tickets, all of whom are probably offering, let’s call them, more fruitful benefits. Mitchell decided to do a good deed. Put bros over hoes and make a simple gesture to give this kid a story of a lifetime.

Let’s just hope he had the balls to ask the girl and she had the brains to say yes. I know how they are out in Utah so I figure if she said yes there’s at least a 50% chance they’re getting married. As long as Donovan Mitchell didn’t wink at her or come say hi after the game because I’m sure as good as he is at being Alex Hitchens, he’s probably even better at being Mr. Steal Your Girl.

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