End The Night With 16-Year-Old Zion Williamson Throwing Down An NBA Dunk Contest Level Dunk

He’s¬†16….SIXTEEN!!! If you haven’t¬†heard of this phenom yet, let me introduce you to 6-foot 8-inch, 230 lbs, 16-year-old high school sophomore Zion Williamson. At 16 he’s¬†already got a body not only built for the NBA¬†but built like Lebron James. This kid is a tank. Williamson is currently ranked as the number 2 prospect in the ESPN 60 for the class of 2018. This class also includes another 6-foot 8-inch sophomore named Shareef O’Neal. Yup, Shaq’s son. Unfortunately for Shareef, it seems as though Zion got more of Shaq’s genes than he did.

Zion, out of Spartanburg,¬†South Carolina has become somewhat of a viral sensation over the past couple months¬†for his insane dunks.¬†This is one no different. The level of difficulty to pull this off in any situation is impressive. A 360-windmill? In game? Unreal. It wasn’t too long ago that god damn dunk would have gotten you a 50, Kenny the Jet losing his mind and a trophy. Nope not anymore. In 2017 Zion is raising the bar. 360 Windmill, please, thats¬†in game¬†amateur junk now.

Even at 18, Lebron, probably the best physical specimen in the league had nowhere close to this type of body. You can’t help but to at least consider the possibility this kid is actually like 26. Full disclosure, when I first heard if this kid and saw what he was doing a few months back, my immediate¬†first thought was this….

Here’s to hoping the next Lebron James isn’t¬†actually the next Danny Almonte. by the way, just looked up Danny Almonte’s age, he’s¬†29. How old do you feel now?

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