End The Night With The Painful Handshake We’ve All Been Waiting For


What a game, what an ending! I’m still trying to figure out exactly how it all happened. Alas! The handshake we’ve all been waiting for. After two plus years of “deflategate” controversy, Brady and Goodell finally come face to face on the grandest of stages. The biggest game of the year, for all the marbles. The Super Bowl of Super Bowls one could say. Following “Deflategate” Brady took a serious hit to his reputation and legacy outside of New Englanders, but nowhere near the hit the NFL and Roger Goodell have endured. It’s all but been proven the NFL had zero real evidence of the patriots wrong-doing and from many people’s viewpoint, ran a smear campaign against the Patriots, ultimately ending in a four-game suspension, for golden boy Tommy Brady.

I’ll be the first one to hate on the Patriots, as a born and raised New Yorker, it is a right of passage to hate everything Boston, so to see them win will never be easy nor my first choice. This game, in this situation, luckily, does provide a decent consolation prize though. Seeing Roger Goodell have to swallow his pride, put his tail between his legs and walk away with his head down is a sight I’m sure all NFL fans wouldn’t mind getting used to seeing. It’s a real “The enemy of my enemy is a friend” type of deal here.  I will say Goodell didn’t hold back one bit. He threw out a handshake, clearly more firm than Brady was anticipating. Goodell reminding Brady who’s still the boss. He probably whispered something along those lines in his ears. Fake news if he claims otherwise. Roger seemed to take a page out of the old Trump handshake book, yanking Tommy in closer every time he breaks eye contact, just a little reminder you’re shaking hands with the devil and he’s cemented his position as the judge, jury, and executioner.

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