Ezekiel Elliott Pulls Down Girls Shirt At St Paddy’s Day Parade

Ezekiel Elliott back in front of the TMZ cameras again. This time having a grand old time at the St Patty’s day parade. Here is the video that came out initially. Some people weren’t too thrilled with this one.


Then video came out showing the moments right after.

Now Zeke isn’t in the best of positions concerning things like this. There’s an ongoing sexual assault investigation being conducted by the NFL, for no reason whatsoever since he’s been legally cleared of any wrongdoing, but nevertheless, the NFL’s investigation is open. Doing everything they can to avoid another Ray Rice royal fuck up. Generally, in these types of situations, you usually wanna air on the side of not being filmed pulling a girls shirt down. It might not always be bad, but remember its 2017, people got upset over a style of earrings last week. I would link the story but don’t even wanna give that story any more unworthy legs. Point is, just don’t, not today. Don’t tweet dumb shit, don’t do dumb shit, don’t say dumb shit.

All that being said, if you’re one of those outraged, or screaming “sexual assault”, slow your role. This isn’t sexual assault until the girl, rather, victim – we don’t discriminate – says it is. I’m not talking about obvious ones here. We’re firmly in the quick flash or boob grab/poke realm. People like different things, just cause she’s not signed to a porn contract doesn’t mean any sexual contact is to be viewed as sexual assault. This girl could not have been less upset about the ordeal. Yeah, she smacks his hand playfully away. “Oh look she was hitting him to stop! Assault!” Yea that’s all fine and dandy until little miss morals pulls both the twins out herself literally one second later. The entire time smiling and laughing.

She is also clearly interacting with someone on the street who is begging her to go #titsoutfortheboys. Funny, I missed all the complaints about the exact same thing happening in New Orleans all 365 days a year.  We also find out she’s friends with Ezekiel Elliott anddddd they hung out for hours afterward the rest of the day, without issue or incident. The only ones who even gave this a second thought were the ones outraged, uninvolved and unaffected.

At the end of the day, its never gonna be a good look. Yes, Elliott should probably be a little more cautious and thoughtful when in public. Yes, to those upset, you should stop making judgments of a situation off a 4 second out of context video clip. Humor me here, what if you found out that girl was flashing her tits to help raise money for a cancer hospital or some feel good charity, how much of an asshole do you feel like then?

The NFL also has zero jurisdiction here. They are not ones allowed to play moral police. The NFL is like the American version of FIFA. Leagues need to stay in their lanes for legal matters, they are inconsistent and miss the right calls in nearly every legal situation of the past decade. This isn’t even a legal situation, so really no need for their involvement, or even comment. Doesn’t even deserve a tweet.

Know the context and know the situation and get the ENTIRE story before you pass judgments. There was no crime here, I know this because there was a clear video of it and the police did absolutely nothing. The whole “I’m a big celebrity football player” card gets thrown out the window when you’re on god damn video.

As for the girl, keep doing you! Don’t let other women tell you when or when it’s not appropriate to flaunt what you got. If you’re down with what’s happening to you and the choices you’re making, everyone else can kick rocks. In the words of the great DJ Khalid,  “they don’t want you to have fun, they don’t want you to find success.”

Prove them wrong. Every. Damn. Day.

P.S. Aaron Hernandez killed 1-4 people. Still not suspended by the NFL. OJ Simpson killed 2 people, still not suspended by the NFL. Just saying. #StayWoke.

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