Giants Linebacker Johnathan Casillas Get’s “Randomly” Drug Tested Following Questionable Instagram Pic


In theory, NFL drug tests are administered randomly, but players never seem to buy that. Pat McAfee thought his 4/20 tweets were to blame, Earl Thomas boasted about his quick recovery from a bad injury and Chris Boswell was tested after he nailed six field goals in a game.None of those are as a good a reason for a drug test as the one Giants linebacker Jonathan Casillas gave the league this weekend.

Casillas even acknowledged that the hand-rolled cigar “looks like a blunt” and that he “probably shouldn’t have posted this” but he did anyway. The very next day, the league came knocking.

Casillas’s suspicions are misplaced, though. Offseason tests are for performance-enhancing drugs, not recreational ones. So he’s safe as long as that wasn’t an anabolic cigar. – H/T Sports Illustrated 


The No Fun League (NFL) back up to its old tricks again. Just a casual “random” drug test that absolutely doesn’t have anything to do with the picture you posted of you holding what looks to be a blunt. We just “randomly” selected you.

The NFL is the kid that tattled. They’re the asshole who reminds the teacher to collect the homework they know the majority of the class didn’t do. The ones who gave up their friends for drinking and smoking at the first sign of parental suspicion. Combine all of that with an inability to handle any pressure or PR situation without utter disaster, the NFL creates a special mix of stupid. Not the “born this way” stupid, but the “trust fund baby doing stupid shit when he has all the opportunities to be great and successful laid out right in front of him” type of stupid. The “You’ve been given a real life “stub-hub ticket oak” and don’t take care of it” type of stupid.

This is why I’m not gonna give the NFL credit here. I know they don’t test for weed in the offseason. I know that even if it was a blunt, it wouldn’t matter. But, I don’t even think the NFL knows that. Nothing in their past makes me believe the NFL is on top of their shit enough to know that. I think a couple of NFL guys saw this picture and immediately hopped on it. Trained to look and accuse anyone of anything. Roger and his henchmen gotta flex that big swinging dick whenever he can.

These guys are probably handing out random drug tests like middle eastern dictators hand out stonings and beheadings. Just the slightest sign of distrust. Test him! They don’t know what the test is for. I imagine three or four guys in a room somewhere monitoring all the blogs, sites and social media accounts, waiting for something to pop, then they see something like this. Type in the player’s name and hit a big red send button and that automatic text gets sent out to the player.

Or you could believe that the NFL “randomly” selected Casillas. At this point in terms of past credibility of which I have none and the NFL has even less, I would say both possibilities are at worst equally plausible.

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