A Guy Calls Chris Christie A “Fat Ass” Live On WFAN, Christie’s Response Was Cringeworthy


Nottttttt a good look for everyone’s least favorite beach ball shaped man, Chris Christie. Christie on The FAN will never make sense to me. He’s a frequent guest host and is now literally in the running to replace Mike Francesa. Think about that for a second. Chris Christie, the least popular governor in all of America for decades is in line to replace the most respected local sports radio host of a generation. A Hall of Famer is going to be replaced by a guy whose torso looks like a raw meatball.

For a guy that keeps shooting himself in the foot, I don’t see why you’d expose yourself to hundreds of thousands of people who hate you to call in and say whatever they want. Oh, wait yes I do, this is Christie shooting himself in the foot yet again. People try and warn him to stop putting his foot in his mouth, but it’s like a huge sandwich, he cannot resist.

Chris Christie, of course, has no answers for the guy. The whole beach thing, no answer, cause a legitimate one doesn’t exist. Bold move by the governor to start calling out track records and optics. Pretty sure only homeless people have worse track records than Christie. In terms of optics and whether that’s public perception of Christie or the actual look of Christie, I’m pretty sure neither of those can get any worse than they are for him.  Per usual he tip-toes around answers not saying anything useful. Christie is the ultimate subject changer. The guy calls him out on his multiple wrongdoings and literal crimes he’s committed as governor, Christie’s response? Calls the guy out for cursing on air. Meanwhile, the FCC doesn’t even consider it a curse word. And the FCC LOVES to censor that stuff.

If Christie is the least popular governor in modern American history, has committed actual crimes and can’t answer a simple question about his wrongdoings, then what makes you think he’s gonna last in the hottest local sports radio seat in the entire nation? The only use out of giving Chris Christie the job is that enough people call in, infuriate him and he has a heart attack. He doesn’t deserve to be in the same room as Mr. Numbah One Mike Francesa, let alone sit in his chair. If he somehow gets there, we can only hope it ends the same way Christie treats his constituents and his citizens….terribly.

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