Queens, NY Man Arrested for Threatening to Kill Adam Silver

A Queens man was arrested for sending a threatening email to NBA Commissioner Adam Silver, police sources said Sunday.

I’m going to “come up there and kill you with my f–king gun,” 27-year-old David Pyant allegedly wrote to Silver in July of last year. Byant, of South Jamaica, was arrested Friday for the threat and charged with aggravated harassment, police sources said. It’s unclear why Pyant threatened the NBA chief.

He has thirteen prior arrests and has served time in prison for robbery, authorities said. – New York Post


What a fucking loony bin this guy is. I didn’t realize Adam Silver had reached death threat level significance quite yet. Roger Goodell, I’m sure has received his fair share. Roger Goodell, also, in the eyes of the fans has not done a good job at all. Pretty hard to argue Adam Silver has done anything short of a fantastic job.

When you first hear this story your first thought, at least mine was, that this was some washed up high school or low-level college player who never quite made it. The type of guy that always blamed everyone else for his failures. Basically “peaked in high school” Rob Lowe from those Direct TV commercials. Not this guy though, nope, he was just good old fashion fucked in the head. My guess is he’s not too smart. Withholding the obvious, the way he said it doesn’t make sense either. “I’m going to come up there” first of all I’m not sure where “up” is, Queens is directly east of Manhattan. In fact northeast of the NBA offices if you want to get technical. Most of Queens is also on the slightly higher ground. So really in no scenario is coming “up” there possible for him. Ever heard of a compass, idiot?

Also, who says “kill you with my gun”? It’s I’ll shoot you. that’s it, pretty sure he’d get the message. All in all happy to hear this scumbag is behind bars. Not so happy to hear that he’s been arrested 13 times before and is still out here sending life-threatening emails. I guess New York’s judicial system is still operating on the well known 15 strike rule? Let’s just pray it’s the unlucky 14 for this guy and this fiasco puts him behind bars for good. He’s clearly proven he can be nothing of use to society. Like a bad contract, lets cut the losses and use that stretch provision and pay it out over a 100 plus year prison sentence.


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