Boogie Cousins Unfollowed the Pelicans and his Reasoning is Predictably Confusing

Boogie Cousins, who is set to become a top three free agent in this summer’s class and an avid user of Instagram, unfollowed the Pelicans on Instagram today. For a guy that has been out with an injury for the entire second half of the season, there haven’t exactly been too many chances to get a proper gauge on how Boogie is feeling about his long-term future in New Orleans. This right here might just be your first clue and as we have come to expect, Boogie’s answer is confusing.

“Cause I’m grown”. If that’s not the most Boogie Cousins answer I don’t know what is. Does this mean something? Anything? Is it just Boogie rambling being Boogie, or is it some cryptic message. I feel like I’m trying to solve the god damn Da Vinci code every NBA offseason to figure out what everyone’s plans are.

Look, were living in a different world with social media. It’s ingrained in our lives and it’s here to stay. Actions taken on these platforms now mean something. Whether conscious or subconscious, it all means something. Unfollowing your own team isn’t something done by accident. It may have been done in the heat of the moment and in no way signifies any type of finalities, but anyway you slice it, it’s not a good sign for the Pelicans. He actively chose to make that decision and all that he knows comes along with it (perception wise). How much that action means, is up for debate, but again, for Pelicans fans, it’s not good, it’s just a matter of how not good.

With rumors of the Pelicans being wary of offering him the full max deal because of his injury may have been true. They may have sparked Boogie to look elsewhere. The last time we saw Boogie he was speaking like he wanted to remain in New Orleans for life. Something now seems to be different. There will be a good number of teams with a lot of money to spend this summer. If they find out Boogie is for the taking, that number will grow even more as teams try to dump salary to have a shot at the big man.

The most notable of these teams is the Lakers. The Lakers will have enough to sign two Max contract players. We’ve heard everything from Paul George to LeBron to Boogie and combinations of each. We have even heard as much as a Kawhi Leonard trade being on the table. I bet the Lakers would be more than happy to give Boogie that max contract, especially if it can be paired with any of those three stars.

Whatever this means, let the conspiracy theories and Lakers predictions start swirling. Once the finals are over, this will be the top story every day until everyone is signed. I’m sure this won’t be the last clue in the riddle before we get our finals answers post July 1st, but for now, it’s not the start I would want if I’m in NOLA.

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