I Know Where Tom Brady’s Jersey Is



Tom Brady’s Super Bowl 51 jersey is still missing and I can’t believe people are acting like they have no idea what happened to it. Houston police estimate the value of the GOAT’s jersey at over half of a million dollars. One of the most valuable pieces of sports memorabilia just got up and walked away? No shot. I refuse to believe that someone from the Patriot’s organization or the media had any involvement in the theft. The risk would be way too high. This had to be done by someone with a personal vendetta against New England and specifically Tom. Someone with resources and means of accomplishing such a dishonorable act, which is why I know who has the jersey as you sit here reading this article…..Roger.
You almost got away with it too you sly snake in the grass. Think about it. Roger Goodell is the laughing stock of American sports. He embarrasses himself over and over again and nothing was more embarrassing than Tom Brady and the New England Patriots giving its middle finger to the League and hoisting the Lombardi Trophy right in Goodell’s face. Right now, the jersey is at Goodell’s house under lock and key, never to see the light of day again. There is now way someone is dumb enough to sneak into the Patriots locker room and steal the jersey with the intention of selling it for profit. They can’t just put it on EBay and sell it to the highest bidder.
Listen, myself and true Patriots fans don’t give a shit about where the jersey is. We don’t care that Goodell is a low life, and would do something so childish as one last shot at New England. You lost Roger. You messed with the wrong team, you messed with the wrong owner, and you messed with the wrong quarterback. Your legacy is forever tarnished and you will be remembered as the commissioner that got shoved in a locker by the greatest quarterback of all time. You can keep the jersey.

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