Are The New York Jets Cleaning House?

It looks like The New York Jets are in the process of making serious changes. The Jets cut their second all-time leading scorer in Kicker Nick Folk in addition to right tackle Breno Giacomini. Folk has been a Jet for seven years and a strong point for that time. Converting on 81.3 percent of his field goal attempt and 729 points. As a Jet fan, I think I speak for us all when I say we’ll miss him. He’s played for some pretty good Jet teams and some really bad ones, Folk was a constant. We’ll find another kicker, but Folk was a damn good one. The Jets will save $3 million in cap room from this move.

Next up, right tackle Breno Giacomini was cut, who missed 11 games last year due to back injuries. The 31-year-old was acquired in a trade with the Seattle Seahawks in 2014 but disappointed. Breno was due 5.1 million and underwent surgery on a disc this offseason. The Jets will save an additional 4.5 million on him accumulating a much need 7.5 million space total.

Now, this leads us to our next question. Are the Jets cleaning house? A lot of signs pointing to that they will, but I think it’s still too close to call. I’ll tell you one thing though nobody is really safe. Darelle Revis has been a cornerstone for years on the defense but I can’t see him on the opening day roster. Between all the off-field distractions and the fact that he, well sucks now, and is due over $18 million nex year. Brandon Marshall isn’t safe either, especially with the emergence of Quincy Enuwa and the Jets also really like second-year Robbie Anderson. Problem is wide receivers have almost no value and Marshall’s coming off a lackluster 788 receiving yards and just three touchdowns.

Although a player that does have value is Pro Bowler Sheldon Richardson. With the Jets having a stacked defensive line, Mohammad Wilkerson and Leonard Williams serve as their two defensive tackles. Richardson lined up as a linebacker at times last year, a position he shouldn’t be playing as he isn’t great in coverage. The Jets could get a first or second rounder for Richardson and start rebuilding with the pick.

Another position which needs to be figured out is Quarterback. Geno Smith is a free agent and I can’t seem them going with him unless they’re seriously desperate. I don’t know if Ryan Fitzpatrick will even find a team, let alone play for the Jets. Petty and Hackenberg have shown nothing yet to prove they can event be a half decent starter. I see the Jets going for someone like Mike Glennon. Glennon has the experience and ability to win games without fully unloading. If they do in this direction they probably won’t fully clean house. However, if the Jets draft a rookie like Mitch Trubisky or Deshaun Watson, it’s likely they’ll clean house and start completely over. I think we should give it one more year and see what players like Marshall can do. But whoever is Quarterback for the Jets will be a solid indicator of the direction the team is going.

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