Instead Of Burning It, Jazz Fan Takes A Very Utah Approach When Getting Rid Of His Hayward Jersey

Similar to announcing your free agent destination on The Players Tribune, small market team fans burning their former Superstar players jersey has gotten old and petty at this point. It’s not creative, it’s not original and it’s really not all that funny. Definitely not effective. The people of Utah have a reputation for being good kind hearted high moral people. Aside from the whole multiple wives and completely convoluted religion that dominates the state thing, of course.

So for that, I gotta say, I love this approach from this Jazz fan. But it’s also the most Utah move ever. Like, of course he’s donating it to the Salvation Army. Nothing like shoving it in Gordon Hayward’s face by sending his jersey off to be worn on the streets by some filthy homeless guy. He keeps a calm demeanor the entire time, until the end when he really lays down the hammer with the Kelly Olynk address. You can tell he was waiting the entire time to drop that bomb. Could barely contain himself. was so excited to get it out. He said it and definitely is sitting there saying in his head “…nailed it.”

This Jazz fan has got every right to be mad, luckily he understands. His first instinct to donate it and think of others and not even consider burning it is peak Utah. At least they stayed tried and true to the stereotypes.

P.S. You could also be this family from Utah, they went a little edgier and did indeed burn the jersey. But heavens forbid they said a curse word when doing it. “B-word” only up in this joint, its either that or Mom’s numbers 1, 2, 4 and 7 are going to put a bar of soap in your mouth.

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