Jalen Ramsey Was Interviewed On The A.J. Green Incident And He Unloaded The Trash Talk

Jalen Ramsey might be my new favorite NFL player. I’m a big facts and absolute truth guy, so starting off with “straight facts” he’s already perked my ears. I need these type of interviews every week now, I cant take my eyes off it. I want Ramsey to become the defensive version of Chad Johnson back in the day. Make a list, post it in his locker and every week just trash talk the shit out of the guy. Go out on Sunday and shut him down.

95% of NFL players will take this interview and give some run around answer. Downplay the whole thing. Discuss morals and lack of good judgment. Nope, not Ramsey, he said exactly what he did. He said exactly what he said and didn’t hold back adding, even more, fuel to the fire. I’ve said this countless times and I’ll think it until the day I die, but we need more athletes to be real like this. They’re humans too. They get pissed off, they have emotions and enemies are made. Everyone wants their athletes to be open and honest, that is until their honest opinion is something like this. It’s hypocrisy and I got no time for that.

A.J Green gotta be crying in the corner somewhere though. Jalen Ramsey eviscerated him. He said everything with such conviction you know there was not a false word in that entire interview. A.J. came out early and took the high road in his post-game interview, apologizing for his actions. Another mind fuck by Ramsey. Still winning the trash talk contest days after the game and A.J. Green still hasn’t realized it yet. A.J Green is like Chris Rock’s character in The Longest Yard. He’s got a half a star toughness rating. Next week he’s gonna have to go out and stab somebody or something, just to get his rep back up.


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