Kevin Durant Wants To Be the Villain We all Root for

Something has been off with Kevin Durant this year and I haven’t been quite able to quite pinpoint it fully, until now. He seems to just be constantly arguing with refs, getting ejected, speaking out about, well everything, and trying to be the people’s man all in one. This season has been one of highs and lows for Kevin Durant, and so to has this past week. Last week KD was doing what he likes to attempt to do so often; and that’s relate to the common man.

The Taco Bell Talk

Here’s Durant on the Bill Simmons podcast last week..

“People tell us we’re superstars, and we really aren’t…after we won the championship, I had Taco Bell and it ran right through me just like a normal person. I’m like ‘Oh shit. I thought I had a golden stomach. I thought I was immune to everything, but no.”

Lol. It’s a decent attempt to relate to the common man and he does have a point. Don’t matter who you are that Taco Bell gon’ rip through you REAL QUICK. It’s hard not laugh at this for a couple reasons; one it is funny that he went right to the shitter and T-Bell to try and relate to us. It’s everyone’s favorite drunk food and he even ate it after winning his first chip. Two; it’s also funny that he thinks this is gonna actually make people think we are really like him and live somewhat similar lives. This is obviously a huge miss; you’ll never be like us again KD, and that’s completely fine.

The Ejections…

BUT then what happens the very next day?! KD, Mr. Normal person get’s ejected from his FIRST game back from his rib injury against the Bucks. The ejection was his fifth of the season and the beat up Warriors ended up getting crushed. He was T’d up after complaining about a non-call and then again after reportedly called the ref a bitch ass n****,  so no shit yeah he got tossed. It’s just like what man?? What the hell are you trying to do? Just go out there and ball.

I’ll be the first to say I wasn’t a huge fan of the KD to the Warriors move but make no mistake about it the boy can ball and is undoubtedly the second best payer in the world. His game is so smooth, his ball skills, his improved defense as well as efficiency is a thing of beauty. But his 5 ejections this year is second most in the NBA in the past 20 seasons. The only one ahead of him? Rasheed Wallace. Not the best company in regard to keeping your emotions in tack.

Why All The Hate?

So, why is he doing this you may ask? KD, similar to Bron, never really wanted to be the villain. They were the King of their fucking castle in OKC and Cleveland respectively and deservedly so. But even Bron didn’t realize the ramifications of his actions and “The Decision” right away. He quickly became the villain, joining up with fellow superstars Bosh and Wade. He struggled with accepting this villain role in Miami for a while. He’s gotten better at accepting it but we still see his insecurities come out quite frequently.

KD is a smart guy all and all though. He must have realized he wouldn’t be the NBA’s poster boy after joining the NBA’s most talented team record-wise right? A team he was up 3-1 on just a few months prior. However, going through it is a completely different story. And it’s clear, like Bron, Kevin is also struggling with this.

He wants to be seen as the same guy that was crying and told his mom “You da real MVP” in his MVP speech. And I’m not saying he’s not that same guy nor it is my place to as I have never met the guy. But his decision has changed people’s perceptions of him whether he likes it or not. The pendulum has shifted on Kevin Durant from the second he made that decision to leave for the enemy, the 73-win Warriors. Enter Kevin Durant the Villain.

The Villain Everyone Roots For

KD wants to be the Villain everyone roots for, on perhaps the most hated team in recent memory second to maybe only Bron’s Heat. And news flash to Kevin, but there is no such thing as a villain that everyone likes and roots for. Sure some people like the villain, but as an overall consensus, they don’t root for the villain over the good guy.

Think about it, seriously. The Green Goblin verse Spider-man, The Joker verse Batman, Voldemort verse Harry Potter, Joffrey verse Tyrion, or even Harry and Marv verse Kevin McAllister! I could go on for days! I mean I’m sure a lot of you reading this like the Joker-he’s one bad-ass character. But I’m also sure most of you reading this rooted for a great battle and scare by the villain but undoubtedly for the good guy to come out on top in the end. I mean what would Home Alone be if Marv and Harry just killed Kevin McAllister and the neighbor didn’t come to save him? Yikes. Who didn’t want King Joffrey dead in GOT? That little fuck. There’s no question though these villains play an intricate role in the films and in large part make these movies.

Accepting the Villain Role

Kevin Durant is a villain whether he likes it or not. He constantly says he doesn’t care what others think or say about him yet he seems to be talking more than anyone to get them on his side with things like the Taco Bell talk and having ghost twitter accounts to defend him. At times he seems to be ready to accept his role as a villain with his on-court demeanor. He is clearly not buddy-buddy as we saw in the Finals last year. He is an assassin and the second best player in the world.

But when it turns into him verse the refs and he’s getting tossed game after game, this is not what his team needs. KD seems to be fighting himself on the court and the perception of him being a villain. He needs to accept the fact that he’s the villain and not everyone is going to like him and root for him. And that’s OKAY. He needs to channel it like he did in the Finals last year or else both he and the beat-up Warriors could be in serious trouble this postseason. And I think they will be, Rockets in 6.

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