The Knicks Will Not Be A Joke For Long

As long as you don’t live under a rock you would know that today was a very eventful day for the NBA. News broke this morning that the Knicks and Phil Jackson were parting ways after three full seasons together. Then later on in the day, it was announced that Chris Paul was opting into his last year of his contract with the Clippers in order to pull off a sign and trade with the Rockets.

Phil Jackson getting fired and Chris Paul going to the Rockets should bring hope to the Knicks organization. Some people might ask why would Chris Paul getting traded to the Rockets brings hope to the Knicks. Before I go into detail with this I want everyone to know I am a tortured Knicks fan but if you just read what I’m saying you will understand the possibilities. The key to this trade that fans don’t realize is that Chris Paul didn’t sign an extension he basically just has one year guaranteed on the Rockets and then next summer he will be a free agent. Don’t get wrong me Chris Paul and James Harden will be a lethal combo. But is that enough to beat the Warriors? I don’t think so. If they can add Paul George then maybe but still it will be very difficult.

Chris Paul wants to win and wants to win now. So the Rockets better hope they make another move because Chris Paul might just leave again. Let’s move on to Paul’s best friend, LeBron James. The Cavs have shown over the last 3 seasons that they were hands down the best team in the Eastern Conference. But this year’s finals have shown that they are ways away from beating the Warriors. They would need to add Paul George to get over the hump of the Warriors. Will that be enough? It’s hard to say but I don’t think so.

LeBron is also a free agent next summer. Isn’t that interesting? Dwayne Wade and Carmelo Anthony are also free agents next summer. Even more interesting. It has been these four guys wet dream to play together and next summer might be the only and final time they can. Call me crazy but why can’t it be the New York Knicks? This time it’s different, I think these players will want to play for the Knicks. They will have so much cap space because KP is still on a rookie deal and Melo will be a free agent. There will have to be a few things that will need to happen in order for this to even have a possibility of going down.

Number one they have to hope the Rockets don’t get another big piece and that they don’t make it to the finals. Number two they need to hope LeBron doesn’t get another big piece and that they don’t win the finals. Number three the Knicks need to not overpay a bum this offseason and find a way to get rid of Noah for the love of God. Getting rid of Noah will be hard. A reunion with Thibs and a trade to the Wolves seems like one of the remote possibilities. There’s always the chance you can trick the Nets into doing some dumb shit.

Then there is reason number four and this is probably the most important thing. The Knicks need to hire a new coach and GM that are both respected throughout the league. Mills can hold down the fort but we need someone with creativity, something that we just haven’t seen from Stevie. The cap space needs to be there first and foremost. If all of these things happen then why wouldn’t the banana boat crew want to play here? Yes, we have a horrible reputation around the league but that doesn’t mean they can’t change that. They would have the opportunity to form their own culture. Make their own rules all while having a chance at a ring, on the grandest stage. If possible you have to admit the appeal.

New York is probably the only place all four these players can play with each other. Especially since Melo refuses to move far from his son. We also have Porzingis here who will be terrifying with that cast and crew around him. Everyone remember June 28th, 2018. This marks the day the Knicks quest for a super team starts. Knicks fans always have the fantasy of LeBron coming to the Big Apple. This time this fantasy will be a reality. Mark my words.

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