Kristaps Porzingis Tweet Gave Knicks Fans A Heart Attack But His Excuse Is Actually Legit

It’s no secret that things aren’t great between the Knicks and Kristaps Porzingis — they’re reportedly not even on speaking terms. Porzingis still hasn’t offered an explanation as to why he skipped his exit meeting with the team before flying to Latvia and announcing that he’s going to play for the national team this summer, without running it by the Knicks first.

Other NBA teams quickly noticed that there was trouble in paradise and reportedly have begun calling the Knicks to try to see if they’d be willing to trade the 7-foot-3 versatile forward. So when a tweet simply saying, “L.A. Clippers” with three happy face emojis appeared on Porzingis’ timeline on Saturday night, people had a reason to think something might actually be in the works.

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The tweet was almost immediately deleted, and on Sunday one of Porzingis’ representatives announced that the account had been hacked.


A representative for Kristaps Porzingis says that the New York Knicks forward was sleeping when a tweet about the LA Clippers was published on his Twitter account and that the account was apparently hacked.

Porzingis himself also staunchly denied sending the tweet, even offering up a list of his most frequently used emojis as evidence. H/T CBS Sports

When this original tweet was sent out, no less than ten New Yorkers had a heart attack. Another 25,000 grabbed the closest bottle of Xanax like Bradley Cooper looking not NZT in Limitless. This is just about the last thing you wanna see as a Knicks fan. The beloved Unicorn even mentioning another squad. The one guy we have, who’s all ours. We drafted him and he’s ours. No one else gets him. If he left or was traded, some Knicks fan would end up kidnapping him, it would be the opposite of the movie “Celtic Pride”. They say everything has its price? Well, I say they’re wrong. This 7 foot 3 blonde haired, blue eyed, perfect basketball specifmen Latvian Prince cannot be had, for any amount.

Now, normally the whole “I got hacked” argument is dismissed. its such a cop out most of the time that it’s become a taboo cliche. No one ever has any proof of their hacking. It’s always he said she said. Not my man KP though. Like the well disciplined certifiable pimp he is, he’s always got his own ass covered.

The proof is always in the Emoji’s. That dumb ass emoji is nowhere to be found in his recently used section. Case closed. He was hacked. Pretty well-versed use of Emoji’s for Kristaps though. Most interesting one is definitely the middle finger. How many times you think that one’s been used with Phil in the same sentence.

In terms of who hacked his account. I don’t wanna point any fingers or name any names but these things are usually the work of women. Women are ruthless online and will quit at nothing until their revenge or mission is fulfilled. So who has the motivation to hurt the Knicks and has been on a revenge rampage lately? I know I said I wouldn’t point any fingers or name any names but I’m pointing the finger and naming the name Lala Anthony.

Lala has the motive the ruthlessness and the connections to make this happen. I don’t underestimate her for a second. #Staywoke

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