Matt Harvey Skips Work

Welp, I’m pretty sure Matt Harvey didn’t die this weekend so we know which one he is now. The New York Mets suspended Matt Harvey for three days without pay for violating club rules. Harvey did not show up to the ballpark Saturday for the Mets 7:10 start because of some migraines. There are also claims of miscommunication between Harvey and the Mets. Harvey is planning to file a grievance against the suspension so we will see how that goes.

Look, it’s no secret that Harvey is not the most traditional baseball player out there. The guy does what he wants to do, and I’m all for that. That being said, you better make damn sure that it does not affect your work. You can’t decide to just not show up for your job because of some “migraines”. Give me a god damn break.  Dude probably got wasted during the ranger playoff game/Kentucky Derby and fell asleep by 7. It’s hard to day party and carry it into the night, but when you’re a professional athlete making millions of dollars and all you needed to do was sit in the dugout for 3+ hours. That’s unacceptable.

Harvey is acting like he can do no wrong and he does not have the stats to back up that mentality. Last year he was meh, holding a 4-10 record with a 4.86 ERA. This year he’s 2-2 with an ERA just over 5. THAT’S NOT GOOD ENOUGH TO BE DOING THE SHIT YOUR”E DOING MATT. What is it about New York teams. This shit always happens to us. You can’t make it up. There are two ways that Harvey can react to this suspension: pitch like the ace that everyone still thinks he can be or continue to spiral out of control until he becomes someone else’s problem. Can’t wait! It’s one thing to skip out on your team, but to then file a grievance? Cmon man just

It’s one thing to skip out on your team, but to then file a grievance? Cmon man just own it and take the L. Take your suspension like a man and get over it. There are consequences to your actions when you fuck up. Don’t skip a game and you won’t lose money. Simple as that.

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