Lebron James Is Threatening To Sue A Small Cleveland Based Beer Company Because He Picked Up Their Beer In The Middle Of A Playoff Game

A magical moment in Game 1 of the Cavaliers’ Eastern Conference playoff series against the Toronto Raptors has turned flat. The image of a skidding LeBron James hitting the brakes just before the first row, pausing to grab a bottle of beer and then contemplating taking a sip, exploded across social media Monday night and left sports commentators calling it a “LeBron moment.”

The purveyor of the bottle, Great Lakes Brewing Company, seized the marketing moment to promote its Dortmunder Gold Lager that James had grabbed from a startled server at Quicken Loans Arena. Great Lakes tweeted out a photo of the King and even offered to host James, who told reporters after the game that he is more of a wine guy, at one of its beer schools to “help him find a beer fit for a king.”

The popular Cleveland brewery offered $1 off pints and $2 off crowlers of Dortmunder on Tuesday.

But the buzz was off by Wednesday morning when a James confidant told’s Joe Vardon that the image-conscious Akron native was not interested in partnering with Great Lakes, and even threatened to sue the landmark business should it continue to use his image to promote its beers. The brewery “is trying to benefit off of me,” James told It is worth pointing out there is a history between the two. When James decided to “take [his] talents to South Beach” in 2010, Great Lakes released a dry and bitter pale ale called “Quitness” to mark the move.

A spokesperson for James declined to comment on the beer flap. Great Lakes also passed on the chance to weigh in. – H/T


You know for a guy that’s supposed to be social media silent, Lebron’s whole “Zero Dark 23 30” shit he does every year during the playoffs, he’s sure very present on social media. Every two days were talking about some stupid shit this guy does. Time and time again he pulls these moves who someone only with the ego maniac brain he has could do. He one-ups himself every time and it’s shocking, every time (even though it shouldn’t be).

What happened to “Blue Collar 9-5 Lebron?” He only made an appearance for a couple weeks? Back to tough businessman LeBron, trying to run Mom and Pop shops out of business with a lawsuit? I thought Lebron was the savior of Cleveland? I thought he was engrained in its blue collar work ethic and mantra? Oh, yea that’s right Lebron James doesn’t actually give a shit about Cleveland or the people in it. He’s showing you right now. If this isn’t proof of what a dirtbag this guy truly is, then I really don’t know what to say to you. If you can’t see this black and white scumbag move right in front of your face then I guess you’ll never understand.

It’s unfortunate that Lebron is so great at basketball because he’s forcing the people of Cleveland to put up with him. They’re such a pathetic and beaten bunch, that despite being walked out on and cheated on by Lebron plus the pending threat he puts out every offseason of him leaving and cheating again, the people of Cleveland still treat him like a god. They worship the every move of a guy that clearly could care less about them or the city he’s from.

So tell me how much you love Cleveland Lebron, how much you care about the people of it as you threaten to kill a local business all because you tried to be Mr. Fucking Johnny Cool in the middle of a playoff game by faking drinking a beer. Did the brewing company tell you to do that? No, you just fucking did it because you wanted to be loved by the regular guys of Cleveland that love drinking beer. The same regular guys that you’re threatening to sue now!

Is Lebron just upset this business didn’t want to participate in his bullshit fake ass Cleveland version of Shark Tank? Which is terrible (I would never dream of watching it, but I don’t need to, to know its terrible). I could understand if Lebron did a photo shoot with these guys and they didn’t pay him or something along those lines, but that’s far from the case. Lebron held the beer for two seconds by HIS OWN ACCORD. I also get they the company is technically benefitting off his image, but Jesus Lebron, let it be. Stop TRYING to be cool and just BE cool.

So lets recap, Lebron tries to be “cool and funny” during a playoff game by picking up a random beer and fake drinking it. Literally PURELY to go viral on social media. While he’s in the midst of his “Zero Dark 23 30” playoff blackout of social media. There was no prior agreement between the brewing company and Lebron. Now Lebron the guy who is ALL ABOUT the hard working blue collar people of Cleveland is now trying to sue those same blue collar people out of business for using his image on social media. An image he did purely so it would get buzz and his name out there. Why else would he do it? Was he thirsty?

There he is folks. Lebron James in his true colors. Being a scumbag to his own people right in front of your eyes. But please Cleveland, continue to be pathetic and worship the ground this guy walks on…

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