Lebron Tries To Be “Funny” By Picking Up A Beer During The Game, Shocker, It Wasn’t Funny

Bron Bron back at it again. Just mid-playoff game taking some time out to make sure he got his retweetable moment all to him for tonight. As if absolutely demolishing the Raptors wasn’t enough. Mr. Role Model Lebron isn’t exactly being such a great role model promoting drinking on the job. Role model Lebron would never do something like that.

The dilemma is role model Lebron is now conflicted with this new Lebron that’s come about, the “I’m all about the regular 9-5 guy” Lebron. It’s part of his constant struggle to be liked by anyone and everyone. It truly eats away at him. 9-5 guy loves knocking back a few suds at the end of the day to celebrate a hard days work. Absolutely nothing wrong with it. Lebron just has to make it his moment though. If Lebron tried less to be funny, which he flops at regularly and just put all his energy into more basketball he could be even better than the best player on the planet.

Just pick a side, Bron Bron, be JR Smith or be Grant Hill. Don’t try and play both sides of this coin, this in the middle bullshit, we see through it. That’s why everyone doesn’t like Lebron. He changes how you wants to be perceived on a minute to minute basis. He tries so hard that he comes off as awkward or forced in everything he does. He can’t even help it. SAD!

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