Why MayMac Is Important For Boxing But Not For The Reason You Expect

In less than a week from today live in Australia. A former adversary of Floyd “Money” Mayweather, Manny Pacquiao will be fighting Jeff Horn live in Australia for the WBO welterweight title. Sometime after that the highly touted Mayweather, the undefeated, self-proclaimed “TBE” with a 49-0 boxing record is going up against MMA’s biggest star in Conor McGregor. Dubbed “MayMac”.

Even though the two are very different fighters with very different lifestyles and very different fighting backgrounds they do share a few similarities; the will to win and the belief that each one of them is the best fighter in the world. The fight’s in Vegas at the T-Mobile Arena in front of 19 thousand fight fans and celebrities along with millions at home.

The fight deemed the “money” fight which will generate millions of dollars for everyone involved. The promotion leading into the fight will definitely be one to watch since both are very good at marketing themselves which is beneficial to maximize PPV profits.

Floyd is coming out of retirement after his last fight with Andre Berto made him 49-0 but now he is aiming for that 50 win mark with five separate trademarks already set in place for the big 50-0 celebration. The fight which Mayweather perceives as an easy pay day while McGregor who has nothing to prove could possibly pull an upset that would change boxing forever.

Why would it change boxing forever?

In the end, Conor McGregor represents MMA and Floyd represents boxing and to protect the integrity of the sport, Mayweather needs to DESTROY McGregor in his game or Boxing will take a major hit. Even Floyds’ last opponent prior to retiring the second time in his career believes the same thing stating, “Mayweather has to embarrass him, boxing-wise to get even a little bit of credibility from the boxing world”- Andre Berto. And on the MMA side, Chael Sonnen agrees: “Mayweather better win and he better do it really quickly and really dominantly. You got a guy who has never lost at boxing against a guy who has never boxed and if this story ends any other way than absolute destruction, then the entire integrity of the sport of boxing takes a huge blow, a blow they cannot afford right now.”

Boxing is in its best place that it’s been in years. Having the Premier Boxing Champions showcased live instead of PPV have helped boxings publicity. It helps the boxers gain a little more interest from fans by showcasing their talents live instead of having to cough up $59.95 every time to watch a fight.

The much anticipated GGG vs Canelo Alvarez is not long after the MayMac money fight, however, if McGregor stuns Floyd with a MAJOR upset or even if he manages to last the whole fight and let it go to decision. The boxing world will change forever for the line drawn between the two sports will diminish.

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