Michael Rapaport Fires Back At LaVar Ball In Defense Of White Basketball Players


Hey nail, meet coffin. LaVar Ball just got absolutely BODY BAGGED by Michael Rapaport. From start to finish this was an utter dissection and raping with facts. Rappaport went after the jugular and sliced through it like Jack the Ripper.

From pointing out LaVar’s terrible math skills and not including the 0.5 of a white player his own son is, to pointing out potentially damaging fathering methods. He really put the cherry on top with the Big Baller Brand uncomfortable t-shirt comment. That brand is their income right now, that is until Lonzo’s signing gift (duffle Bag with cash) from his agent arrives.

All jokes aside though, they’re asking $65 a t-shirt, those things better be comfortable as fuck. You need to be Kanye crazy before you can start selling shitty clothes for copious amounts of money. LaVar is crazy, but he’s like the kid who’s just getting drunk for the first time and can’t handle his liquor. Kanye is like Leo Dicaprio in Shutter Island crazy. They’re two different universes.


P.S. Never forget Lonzo Ball got lit up by De’Aaron Fox for 39 points.

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