New York Jets 2017 NFL Draft Report Card

The New York Jets went into this NFL draft needing to hit a home run to get this team turned around, and back in the right direction. Things couldn’t have started off any better for the Jets but things didn’t end the way they began. By the time you get to the end of this article, you will understand what I mean. So let’s start with the pick by pick analysis…..


Round 1- (6) Jamal Adams- S- LSU

Now did the Assitant do it again or did the Assitant do it again? NOT in my wildest dreams did I think the Jets would get an opportunity to take this player. Arguably the best player in this draft, Jamal Adams was selected by the Jets (mocked wonderfully by the Assitant). This was the same type of perfect storm that developed with the 2015 draft getting to draft Leonard Williams. The Bears traded up to draft Mitchell( not Mitch) Trubisky and set in motion what would turn out to be an A+ draft pick for Mikey Mac by pure happenstance (Lighting struck twice as they say). 49ers picked- Solomon Thomas, Jags take Leonard Fournette, the Titans take Corey Davis for reasons unexplainable and the Jets get Jamal Adams.

Jamal is an in every sense of the word a true ALPHA dog. He is a leader of men and will help turn this soft Jets team into a tougher team. He will step on the field day one and start for this team. He’s a do it all safety who can cover the most athletic TE’s and then hit QB’s and running backs in the mouth with an attitude. Now I am not going to lie, I really thought the Jets were going to screw it up and take someone else until that dictator(Goodell) actually said his name. The Jets at least deserve some credit for not screwing it up but still, they didn’t have to do much, the Titans gave them a layup pick.

The Grade-

Jets get an A+ for round one, didn’t trade up or down and got the best player arguably in this draft.


Round 2-(39) Marcus Maye- S-Florida

Jets entered Day 2 after getting the best player in the draft, the fans are pumped and then…… they pick another safety. Listen this is nothing against Marcus Maye but this pick was very surprising. You just took a safety and then follow that up with another safety… very surprising. Jets really need help at a whole host of positions and they double up. Don’t get me wrong Marcus is going to help the Jets out, with these first to picks it will end the Marcus Gilchrist and Calvin Pryor era. Hopefully, this turns into the next Legion of Boom in the NFL but this was treated as a luxury pick which the Jets don’t have time for.

On the board when they chose Maye- Dalvin Cook, Quincy Wilson, Ryan Anderson, Joe Mixon (Scum of the earth but, great player), Tyus Bowser, Teez Tabor, Chidobe Awuzie. Every single one of these players would have made more sense than Maye. Maye will also start from day one, Clavin Pryor will be traded and Gilchrist will be cut or traded. Think of Maye as a less athletic Jamal Adams with a little more pop on the hitting front.

The Grade-

Jets get a C- for this pick, nothing to do with the player all to do with the front office not filling a different need.


Round 3-(79) ArDarius Stewart- WR- Bama

Ok now, this is where I started to get angry. Again nothing to do with Stewart as a player but with the front office. The Jets traded back from pick 70 to pick 79 and get pick 160. Now on the surface that sounds like, ok whatever got another pick and moved back 9 spots. But after you look at the basic value trade chart, they got hosed. They lost so much value with this trade it was crazy ( Don’t worry in true Jets fashion they continued this trend the whole draft). If the Jets stay at number 70 they are able to select the best pure pass rusher in the draft in Tim Williams. Instead, they go back to 79 and Williams gets picked at 78, absolutely infuriating.

Stewart is a big WR who has great run after the catch ability and can make big plays. The problem is he is unable to create his own openings on a consistent basis down the field. He relies on pop screens and schemes behind the line to get him the ball. Not a bad project type player to take on since he makes things happen with the ball in his hands and is widely considered a great competitor. Jets seem to follow the leader and competitor theme throughout this draft.

The Grade-

Jets get another C- on this pick, blew the chance to draft a pass rusher or even corner in this spot for yet another luxury pick.


Round 4-(141)- Chad Hansen-WR- Cal

Jets drafted another WR for god only knows what reason. This WR was actually very productive his last year at Cal, hauling in 92 passes for 1,249 and 11 scores. A Very big receiver who makes plays on the ball at its highest point. Hansen while a good player, doesn’t fit a true need for the team.

The Grade-

Jets get a solid B on this pick, at the end of the day this kid can ball and could turn into a nice player for Gang green, even though they yet again ignore drafting a need.


Round 5-(150) Jordan Leggett- TE- Clemson

Hallelujah! Hallelujah! Hallelujah! The Jets selected based on a position of need. It is a miracle! Leggett is everything you look for in a TE, 6’5 can run and has great hands. His knock in college was that he couldn’t block and he was lazy. An unnamed source close to the Clemson Football team believes he’s turned the corner maturity wise and believes that “the Jets got a steal”.

The Grade-

Jets get a B+ on this one, addresses a huge need for this team, and will line up as TE-1 from day one.


Round 5-(181) Dylan Donahue- OLB- West Georgia

Mikey Mac waited way, way too long to address this need of the Jets. A quick rundown of everything you don’t want in a drafted OLB- Small Arms, IAA level, 25 years old. I am sure Donahue is a nice guy and seems like he will fight to the bitter end and give max effort. I am not sold however on how this guy is anything more than a situational pass rusher( at best) and plays on special teams.

The Grade-

Jets get a D+ for this, Donahue adds to one of the biggest needs the Jets have but Mikey Mac pulled the trigger on this way too late for my liking.


Round 6-(188) Elijah McGuire- RB- Louisiana- Lafayette

Good addition to the backfield on this one. Strengths are his pass catching ability and very athletic. He doesn’t see the hole the best but that could be coached out of him. An injury hurt his stock this year and lead to his being picked this late.

The Grade-

Giving this pick a B-, nothing crazy here good attempt to improve depth to the backfield.


Round 6-(197) Jeremy Clark-CB- Michigan

In the deepest corner draft in league history, the Jets draft a guy who tore his ACL. Brilliant move! In all seriousness though not a horrible pick. Before his injury had the height, weight, and speed you look for in a corner. It was worth a shot, still should have picked a corner before this point though.

The Grade-

They will get a C- from me on this one. Nice try, good effort be better though.


Round 6-(204) Derrick Jones- CB- Mississippi

Good athlete that only started playing corner this year. He will be lucky to make the roster. His athleticism should help him in that regard.

The Grade-

Mikey, be better man.. be better, Jets get a D- from a generous grader on a curve.


All in all, this was not Mikey Mac’s finest hour. He didn’t address the positions of need in the necessary order he had to. Way too many if this guy reaches his potential he could be ok guys picked in this draft. He also thought he was Bill Belichick and traded 5 times and thought he was out smarting everyone. If you look at a basic NFL trade value chart the Jets entered the draft with 2,478 points and left with 2,429points…. very smooth Mikey very smooth.

All in all the Jets are going to get a C+. I think there are a few picks here that leave your head scratching and others that were homeruns. But as in any draft this means nothing and all that matters is what the players do on the field.

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