Noah Syndergaard Out Indefinitely With Partial Lat Tear, Mets Left Scratching Their Heads

Now that we know the MRI on Noah Syndergaard shows a partial tear in his lat muscle where do the Mets go from here? Better yet, why did it get to this? After being scratched from Thursday’s start he refused an MRI Friday to only inevitably get injured on Sunday in the second inning. Wow, classic fucking Mets. Just don’t even expect anything else at this point. Us Mets fan go from thinking we’re gonna sweep the Nats to losing our best pitcher and player for probably 1-2 months. Call me crazy but I still have hope.

First off let’s address the giant elephant in the room. What the fuck were the Mets and Noah thinking? You can look at this from a bunch of different angles but shit I’m tossing L’s around left and right. Thor, you dare have the audacity to say you’re too injured to pitch, I get that, but won’t be checked out medically? Matt Harvey woke up and had to pitch unexpectedly, and pitched awful and you can’t even blame the guy. This was a selfish ass move. If you’re too hurt to suit up my dude you gotta get looked at.

Thor’s a tough strong dude but this was one of the weakest moves I’ve seen. This was a classic “I want my cake and eat it too.” Maybe putting on 17lbs of fucking muscle this offseason wasn’t a good idea Thor. Who the fuck do you think you are The Rock getting ready to throw the Peoples Elbow? Thor says he lifts like a “power lifter” well maybe you should start getting your advice from pitchers and not body lifters. Last I checked lifting that heavy isn’t healthy for pitchers, shit it’s not healthy for anyone. You’re strong enough dude, let’s keep the ego at the door and stay on the mound.

Now for the Mets management, you thought you were getting off the hook? Not a chance. Everyone today was saying “oh you can’t force him to get the MRI. I say fuck that. You’re the manager, you’re the general manager, give him an ultimatum take the MRI or you’re not pitching Sunday. Simple as that, you have all the leverage. The manager doesn’t have to give him the ball. Sometimes you have to put your foot down, there’s a reason managers are older and more experienced, they’ve seen a lot of shit and are more mature.

Shit, Terry Collins is 68 you would think his hardass would have nailed this one. Sometimes you have to put the young guns in their place when they get out of line. Terry failed to do this. This was a classic example so although Thor get’s an L management gets just as big an L, you know for not managing it’s players right.

The Mets bounced back Monday Night with a big win over the Braves 7-5. At 11-14 on the year with injuries depleting the roster as usual they are 6 games back of the Nationals and still fine. Baseball is the longest season of them all, the Mets will get healthy, or somewhat at least. I don’t know about you but I feel like the Mets are the LA Clippers. The talent is supreme just SO MANY  injuries! It’s almost as if they never get a fair shake at it. They have the talent to compete and perhaps make a run at it all, but something always happens to them.

But they’ll be okay, I hope. Ya, see the Mets hang themselves on pitching and that has not been their forte this year. Just 21st in the majors in team ERA they have underperformed, and I  don’t expect that to continue. Matz and Lugo will be back to go with studs, Harvey and Wheeler. Although I’m not sold on Wheeler and Gsellman they’re better than they’ve shown.

So I’m gonna go with the law of large numbers for this one. And Thor will be back at some point for the summer. I’ve seen enough of a majority of these guys to know that they’ll get better. We also have some serious depth and thank god for that now. Reed and Familia have also been shaky but bounced back today and looked great, they were the best 8-9 in baseball last year. I don’t by any means think they’ll be that good again this year but they’re great pitchers and will figure it out.

Our lineup is actually starting to click. Reyes hit another homer today the third in five games and is getting out of his horrific slump. Jay Bruce looks real good and so does the future face of the Mets Michael Conforto. Love this guy he can do it all, even hit his first homer off a lefty the other day opposite field, and hit another today. Guys like Cabrera and Walker have been decent but hey we’re missing HUGE BATS right now. Wilmer Flores is out and returning shortly who just led the majors in slugging against LHP last year. Lucas Duda who got off to a hot start is out and is a huge bat as well for us. Oh yeah, Yeonis Cespedes, he’s pretty important too. He’ll be out a few weeks and hopefully gets his hamstring situation figured out.

So 11-14 with all of this? Could be worse, could be MUCH worse. Am I happy? No of course not but this team will regain their health and their confidence. I think by mid-July they’ll be playing with a chip on their shoulder and will contend for those wild cad spots. Ya gotta belive, right?

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