Now that Mr. Met Has A Job Vacancy, I think A Job Application Is In Order

In a shockingly disrespectful act Wednesday Night after a 7-1 Mets loss, Mr. Met made an obscene gesture to a group of fans at Citi Field. Although the specifics of what was said are unknown, you can see the video of Mr. Met attempting to flip the middle finger to the fans.

Mr. Met only has four digits so technically there is no “middle finger” but intent is everything right? Mr. Met has been the joyous beloved mascot of the Mets since 1964. Mascots are supposed to pump up the squad but come on man can’t be flipping the bird to the fans that come out and support you. It’s just a terrible look, who knows if it was a kid too. “Hunny how was the game?” “Well, the Mets got crushed and Mr. Met flipped me off.” Sick dude. Jokes on you cuz the Mets not only apologized to the public but proclaimed he will no longer wear the costume. Thank God.

There is more than one Mr. Met for the record but as a fan, I’m glad to see the organization take a stand against this type of behavior. I’ll tell you what if I was the Mets mascot I wouldn’t be caught dead doing such an act. In fact, I think I could be of some assistance to my New York Mets and their faithful fans. Not only am I a die-hard Met fan, BUT I was also Howie the Hawk at the University of Hartford back in my heyday! Yes, that is right I was a collegiate mascot and actually good at it. I would LOVE to help out my beloved organization and be honored to serve as Mr. Met.

Mascots aren’t easy to come around nowadays, it’s not exactly a common thing. You don’t hear too many people say “Oh yeah I was a mascot back in the day, had a cup of coffee with the so and so’s” But thankfully I have the experience and lemme tell ya folks being a mascot isn’t as easy as it seems.

First off, it’s hella hot in that suit, I don’t know a temperature, but it’s pretty brutal, especially if you’re inside. Also, you gotta have the charisma for it, you gotta think and act BIG, literally. You have to overexaggerate your motions so they are seen by all, walking, waving, etc. You are just one mascot in a huge stadium after all. Your walk is everything it’s your swag it’s your demeanor, you have to own it. I loved strutting my “Howie Walk” back in the day, I was the badest bird around.

And of course you gotta love people, you have to want to interact with fans and ESPECIALLY the kids. Always do it for the kids, my motto. You also have to know how to interact with the little ones because it’s very easy to scare them. You have to come off in a non-threatening and welcoming manner. Get on one knee to their eye level put your hand out, play peek-a-boo with them, pretend to hurt yourself, just make them laugh. You are after all nearly 7 feet tall and have a massive baseball for a head,  yeah I’d be skeptical too if I was a toddler.

Lastly, of course, you gotta have the passion! You gotta be ready to do whatever it takes to get your fans out of their seats and pumped for your team! Pushups, cartwheels, a funny dance you name it! Can’t be a one trick pony. P.S can also do one handed pushup while in the suit. I personally have also been trained by the Chicago Blackhawks mascot, I rest my case.

So let’s make it happen, LET’S MAKE MR. MET GREAT AGAIN! Out with whatever loser just made a mockery of our joyous friend, Mr. Met, and in with the new. I am answering the call, Met fans I will not let you down if given the opportunity, as always, LGM!

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