Of All The Outrageous Things JR Smith Says, Him Not Drinking Hennessey Takes The Cake.



Talk about your all-time fake news, Are you serious with this shit JR? You actually expect us to fucking believe that YOU, JR “bottle popping Rihanna loving night before the game clubbing” Smith has NEVER even sipped Hennessey? I admit there’s been some wild stuff said in the last year or so, some real wild stuff, but honestly, I think this takes the cake, by a wide margin, it’s simply that unfathomable. Jr’s love for the nightlife has obviously put him in the spotlight at times. He’s frequently seen, especially when with the Knicks, at clubs with all types of celebs, rappers and other athletes. Do you know how many rappers drink Hennessey? All of them, that’s how many. From Biggie and Pac to Kanye reportedly downing a full bottle of Henny before this infamous Taylor Swift speech incident, rappers of the 90’s and on have written, sang or made videos including Hennessey. There is a 0% chance you look through JR Smith’s career club pictures and don’t find him holding a bottle of Henny. We’re talking about the guy who was in the “Bedrock” music video with Young Money.

Nevertheless, if this turns out to be true then everything we’ve known to this point is in question. Where do we go from here? where does this rank on the all-time shocker list, its gotta be up there right?



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