Phillip Rivers Didn’t Feel Like Moving To LA, So He Pimped Out His Van To Get Him There


“An hour and 18 minutes,” Rivers said later. “Which is nothing.” Rivers and Clemens shared a laugh as they neared their destination.

“There may be some days,” Rivers said. “where we’re hoping to get in a little traffic because we have more work to do.” This is how Rivers, a Charger since 2004, didn’t have to relocate even though his team did. In order to remain a San Diegan, Rivers invested in just about the most L.A. vehicle ever. Three days a week during the season he will make the commute from his San Diego home to the Chargers’ Costa Mesa facility. It’s a trek many know too well – and dread. Rivers will do it in a different, more efficient manner.

Essentially, his mode of transportation is a mobile man cave with the seats like those in a first class airplane set side-by-side in the back facing forward, plenty of room for a 6-foot-5 quarterback to fully recline while watching film on the 40-inch television screen separating the front seat and rear cabin. There is satellite TV, WiFi and a small refrigerator Rivers would rather you call a cooler. – H/T San Diego Union Tribune


You know whats better than living in Los Angeles? Owning this car. LA sucks. It just does. Anyone who tells you different is either born there, getting away from somewhere, or chasing a hopeless dream to “make it.” Outside of the weather, LA has nothing on other major cities. First red flag, it’s a 2 AM bar city. LA thinks it should be considered in the “best city” conversation and the bars close at 2 AM? Yeah no, that’s not “minus a few points”, that’s a Kenny Powers “You’re fucking out” of that conversation.

San Diego, on the other hand, has all that same perfect weather, probably even better actually, but it doesn’t have any of the shitty parts of LA. Of course Phillip Rivers is going to do what he can to avoid LA. Though he still does have to deal with LA getting to work and all now. What’s the best way to avoid dealing with the inevitable shitty LA traffic? Simple, make your car into a man cave mansion. Who gives a shit if you’re stuck on the 405 for 16 hours, you’re in paradise. Rivers has everything he needs within arms reach. He’s like one of those people in the Uber commercials where they go from “Driving to chilling to earning” except, he does all of that from the same seat. The seat in the back of his mansion on wheels.

If only Rivers could have baked a Phil Jackson type thing into his contract, where he just plays certain games or doesn’t have to practice. Then he could have just bought this car and hung out in his own driveway in San Diego. Now he’s stuck going to LA. Hopefully, for his sake, he gets there before 2 AM.

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