Rivalry’s Are Finally Back In The NBA

I consider myself to be a huge sports fan and nothing in this world irks me more then when I see opposing players laughing with each other on the court. I see tapes of the NBA in the 90’s and I absolutely loved it. I loved seeing the Bad Boy Pistons pushing opponents to the floor and trash talking them. But a few years ago I watched Melo and LeBron hug each other for five minutes before a game. I get it they are friends but don’t be friends on the court. They should be enemies on the court. Larry Bird and Magic Johnson were great friends off the court, but on the court you would never be able to tell. In fact you would have thought they hated one another by the way they acted on the court.

Thank god last year during the NBA Finals Lebron grew a pair and showed he really didn’t care for the Warriors. The Warriors make it pretty obvious they have no love for Lebron and the rest of the Cavs for that matter. There is finally a real rivalry in basketball again. I am well aware of what LeBron and Kyrie said of there not being a rivalry between them and the Warriors. I find this to be hilarious. I love LeBron, but really? It didn’t piss you off when Klay Thompson said you got your feelings hurt or Draymond Green jawing in your ear all the time. How about the shirt you wore after the finals?

That then brings me to Kyrie Irving. No rivalry? It didn’t get you mad when everyone and their mother were saying Curry was the best point guard in the league and didn’t even mention you? Well he at least Kyrie shut those people up last year. There is a rivalry. Everyone knows it. It’s well scripted, they played each other the last two years in the finals, and last year the Cavs came back from 3-1 to rob Curry and company of the best season in NBA history. This rivalry isn’t dead either because its pretty safe to say they will meet again in the finals this year for the 3rd time in a row. It will probably be the finals for at least the next two years barring any injuries or new super teams. Most people don’t like having the same finals, but I do because it forms rivalry’s. We watched one of the best finals in NBA history last year, I can only imagine what this finals has in store for us this year. The Thunder and Warriors are even starting to form their own rivalry because of the Durant and Westbrook feud. But I don’t consider it a rivalry yet because the Thunder haven’t even came close to beating them in the games they have played against one another. This all can change though. I’m thrilled for rivalry’s to be back in the NBA and so should everyone else.

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