Where will the circus better known as Tony Romo end up next year?

This time last year many people had the usual questions about Tony Romo? Will he ever stay healthy? Will he ever be able to get it done in the playoffs? This offseason different questions arise for the Pro Bowl quarterback and that is where will he play next year? With the emergence of stud rookie quarterback Dak Prescott last year it looks like Tony’s time in Dallas is done.

Dak looks like to be the Cowboys next franchise quarterback and I don’t think any team wants to pay a backup quarterback 24 million dollars which Romo is owed if he is on the Cowboys roster in 2017. So this begs the question where will he play next year? In my eyes, there are quite a few teams that could use Mr. Romo’s services. These teams are the Cardinals, Bears, Broncos, and Jets. When all this Romo chaos started I thought the best fit for him would be the Cardinals because it looked like Carson Palmer was on his way to retirement. But just a few weeks ago Palmer announced he will be back for the 2017 season so the Cardinals are a hard no. Now on to the Chicago Bears. It looks like they will be cutting ties with Jay Cutler. This will mean that the Bears will be looking for a quarterback for the 2017 season. Tony Romo will be a perfect fit right? Not so fast. Why in the world would 36-year-old year Tony Romo want to go play for the Chicago Bears who have been a disaster for years now? They have a lot of rebuilding to do and Romo doesn’t have the time to be a part of a rebuild. Not to mention that Alshon Jeffrey looks to be leaving the windy city as well. On to the next team the Denver Broncos. The Broncos had a down year in 2016 going 8-8 and missing the playoffs a year after winning the Super Bowl. The Broncos defense was still great last year but it couldn’t carry the team all year. They needed better quarterback play which clearly they didn’t get.

Tobacco-spitting John Elway has high hopes for Paxton Lynch and Trevor Sieman but let’s be real here with the defense and receivers the Broncos have now they are one star quarterback away from another Super Bowl victory. Tony Romo could be this guy for the Broncos. Reports have even suggested Romo wants to play in the mile high city. Broncos already won a Super Bowl with a quarterback at the end of his career why can’t they do it again? I think Romo will end up with the Broncos but there is one team that people are sleeping on when it comes to Romo and that is the New York Jets. Yes, I said it the Jets. I personally hate everything about the Jets. I find joy in watching their fans suffer. Everyone keeps saying that the Jets should rebuild and get rid of everyone. I disagree with this. They have a monstrous defensive line and receivers who aren’t getting younger. Also to add they have Matt Forte who probably only has one or two good years left in him. I get it is probably the safest bet for the Jets to start over, but why not give it one more chance with Romo. The Jets owe it to their loyal fans to at least give Romo some thought. Yes, Romo is a disaster but so what if it doesn’t work out just cut ties with him next offseason. It’s not like the Jets could get laughed at any more than they already do. How about if Romo plays the whole season? I think the Jets can make a deep run if Romo and the rest of their core doesn’t get hurt. I think Romo will end up in Denver like I said but don’t rule out the Jets.

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