Rodrigo Koxa Break World Record For Biggest Wave Ever Surfed

38-year old Brazilian surfer, Rodrigo Koxa was officially credited with the world record for ”Biggest Wave Ever Surfed”, at the World Surf League’s Big Wave Awards on Saturday night. In November of 2017, Koxa successfully rode and 80-foot wave during a session in Nazare, Portugal. I really don’t know where these kinds of people come from. An 80-foot wave? Is this guy serious? The picture below is Rodrigo riding that record-breaking wave…

This guy has to have some kind of death wish. The amount of confidence one must have in themselves to size up that wave and then start paddling to catch it is beyond me. If there are 5-foot waves at Robert Moses field 5 I’m shook. The sound of an 80-foot wave crashing behind you must sound like bombs being dropped on your head. How fast was this guy moving? Had he fallen, how dead would he have been? I’m going with: very dead. I was shocked when I saw the size of the trophy they gave this dude at the awards show. That’s all you get for an 80-FOOT WAVE? They should’ve just gave Rodrigo the rights to the ocean. A trident engraved with “You are now king of the sea, congrats.” The scary thing is, someone will try to top this. It definitely will not be me.

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