Slovenian Hockey Player Only Gets Suspended Two Games For Trying To Cut A Guy With His Skate

Slovenia forward Ziga Jeglic nearly decapitated his opponent, Switzerland forward Thomas Rufenacht, with his skate at the 2017 IIHF World Championships. Adding insult to injury, the IIHF only slapped Jeglic with a two-game suspension for the incident.

The IIHF explained its rationale for the suspension:

“Based on all facts ascertained, the Disciplinary Panel determined that while Jeglic indicated that his only intention was to enter the bench as fast as possible, he intentionally and forcefully extended his leg in the direction of Rufenacht, risking to hit him in a vulnerable and dangerous position and so endangered the health of his opponent. Jeglic would have had space to change further away or pull his leg over the board in a different way. There is a clear swinging motion with his skate directed to the neck and head area of Rufenacht.” – H/T Bleacher Report

Just when you think Americans are proving their worth of toughness in Hockey, enough to shut up those Maple syrup guzzlers up north we’re reminded that Eastern Europe is a place that exists. It’s also a place with some serious hockey leagues. Not serious like there a lot of fights. Serious like you could make one wrong check and end up with the bottom of a CCM skate slicing through your jugular.

Although I must say, this is the least surprising thing ever coming from Eastern Europe. I feel like this is just par for the course for them over there. I can’t even believe they have penalties. I just imagine everything is the same as it is here, in Slovenia, except there aren’t really any laws or repercussions. Pretty much what you see in Euro Trip. The hockey players fight and one guy ends up unconscious and they just throw him in the “penalty box” until he wakes up. A guy cross checks you, just simply attempt to murder him with your skate next time down the ice. Guys just pulling Happy Gilmore’s left and right and they don’t even know what that is yet. Happy Gilmore hits theaters there next week. They’re a little delayed.  Way she goes in Slovenia.

How can you even argue with me? 2 fucking games for literally attempted murder? This dude might catch real actual criminal charges for that shit in the states. Na Slovenia, 2 games. Going with the Roger Goodell tactic. Maybe now that the video surfaced they will ban this guy for life.

Just kidding they’ve already seen the tape, they said its all kosher. He was just trying to get onto the bench as fast as possible. While simultaneously violently jabbing his skate blade towards the bare throat of his opponent, who his teammates were in the middle of fighting. They decided they’re going to stand firm on the 2 game suspension.

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