If Someone You Know Had Redskins +7 Monday Night, They Should Be On Suicide Watch

I’m still sitting here in shock. This might be the most unexpected win I’ve ever had betting on sports. But for every winner, there is a loser. If you or someone you know bet on the Redskins, then they seriously need to be monitored for the next 24 hours. Maybe even hospitalized just for safety. This just doesn’t happen…ever. I cannot fathom the level of anger I would have had if I lost money this way.

It’s the bad beat of the century. This is the type of loss that makes you drop sports betting all together and seriously reconsider how you make decisions in your life. Reshape the way you live your life. Pick up a belief in Jesus. Start going to confession. Stop drinking, smoking, cursing. The whole nine yards. Just an earth-shattering moment for your self-confidence. This would be professional gamblers equivalent of the Space Jam Monstars taking their talents. Left speechless and hopeless.

Now, this irrelevant beautiful late touchdown score also caused the game to hit on the over. If you know someone who had the Redskins and the under, as they are usually paired, just say your prayers now. Get your eulogy written, your black suit pressed and your hanky for the tears at the ready because they are already dead and in a few days, you will probably be attending their funeral. More than likely, with your bookie on speed dial, ready to bet on another NFL Sunday, just hoping this event isn’t in honor of you next weekend.

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